Cushions 2020

Any cushion chat just stick in here.


Can we talk pillows?

Separate thread, please, mate.

Throw cushions?

No problem

I like cushions.

Never bought a cushion in my life (if we don’t count the couch, and we don’t). Perhaps this is the year.

I’m sitting on/adjacent to some right now. Uploading:15779111703177541607879037701625.jpg…

Edit:site broken, everyone out

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I bet there are cushion bargains galore in tge January sales.

as in you’ve bought cushions for the couch but don’t count them… or you just don’t call the couch a cushion?

Well the couch came with cushions, so I have bought those, but never went and specifically bought cushions.

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Love cushions, but I started a thread on scatter cushions a while ago that went surprisingly beevy, so be careful - it’s not all soft and fluffy in cushion land

Scarcely a better thing in life than a well cushioned sofa

I’m a big fan of living room cushions - 2-3 per seat different sizes, all that.

Got real issues with bedroom cushions, though. Don’t get me wrong, i’m a big pillow man - think my bed’s got about ten and some nights i put some at the feet and and down the sides for ultimate comfort.

However, farty little cusions people put on top of a made duvet, and the sheets upon sheets upon sheets - i’m ooot. Too much faffing.

Stayed in an AirB&B recently and there were 14 (FOURTEEN) cushions on top of the bed and all the furniture in the room was mirrored. I think the landlords were sex people.

We have bedroom cushions and extra blankets, and sometimes I make myself a little comfy cocoon to sleep in out of them. 14 is excessive though, and mirrored furniture - well, I think you know you’re dealing with Tory pervs (bad pervs) there. My old boss rented a house off some people for a bit who were definitely, definitely those kind of people, it had the air of haunted sex shack just permeating through every bit of the place. Shudder thinking about it.

Saw a very good cushion in El Cartel in Edinburgh a couple of years ago so I took a photo of it :arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_lower_left:

Someone put a whole stash of cushions on the floor earlier. Looked like they were using them too for a bit, before dotting them around the chairs.

Is this going to be a … pinned cushion thread?


Not sure it’s worth putting a mod through all that tassle