Custard Creams


Tried out some belvita yoghurt biscuits on today’s big shop, took one out of the packet and brought one in to my bf who half way through asked ‘are these low fat or something?’

I asked him if he liked custard creams and he said that no one likes custard creams. ‘I do!’ I said. He reckoned that if there were 5 random biscuits in front of you and custard creams were one of them, they’d be the last you’d pick!

I sort of get what he’s saying, I like them but they’re no where near my favourites, but I do like them. Still don’t know if in a family fortunes style list of biscuits with custard creams in there they’d be my least favourite.

Post your favourite biscuit and I’ll rate the first four differing ones and custard creams and see if he’s right…


Ginger nuts




I love a Custard Cream. I’m also fond of a Chocolate Bourbon.


Chocolate hobnob

(Custard creams are a good dunker)


Chocolate hobnobs for sure. Always tempted to eat the whole packet in one go


Chocolate digestive


the big gourmet choc chip ones
or pink panthers or oreos
don’t @ me


Custard creams are great. Don’t let him poison your child’s mind with that sort of talk.




Quite fancy a custard cream now. Haven’t had one in ages.


Fave to least fave:

Choc Hobnob
Choc digestive
Ginger nut
Choc bourbon


they’re kind of boring but fine. they tend to be very cheap which is a plus.


Dark chocolate digestive


Custard creams and bourbons would be top choices for me. Really like those chocolate malted milks too.

Nice biscuits are the worst and those plain rectangular biscuits you also get in the sort of multipacks that contain the aforementioned biscuits.


Ginger nuts are ok but it’s not worth contaminating the whole cupboard for them


I have a sad tale. I love chocolate hobnobs. Love 'em. But I haven’t eaten any for more than ten years, because every time I have them I come out in mahossive spots twleve hours later. I’ve tested this scientifically with quantities down to one half chocolate hobnob. I have never had any sort of bad reaction to any other foodstuff.

But here’s the thing: plain hobnobs are fine. Chocolate digestives are fine. But somthing about the hoodoo involved in mating chocolate (either kind) with hobnobs just plain fucks me up.

I am 38.


Oh, and custard creams are great.


He’s right.