Cut off date for saying Happy New Year

OK team can we put our heads together and thrash this one out. Here’s some options

  • 2nd Jan
  • 10th Jan
  • End of Jan
  • Sometime in Feb
  • (No no) No limit

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i did say it to someone today but i felt weird about it so i won’t be doing it again

don’t believe in years really


Alright, Los campesinos

It’s nice to say things to people



Yeah, you’re right. It depends on what is being said and who it is being said to.

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It’s midday on the first day everyone’s back in the office (so this year, midday on 7th Jan)


That’s a decent rule of thumb

No offense mate but you’re the last person I’d ask how year things work!


First day back - aye.

Midday though… curb that 9:05 am

Fine to say it to people when it’s the first time you’ve seen them after the holiday for a maximum of about 2 weeks. Then you must start asking them if they’ve any holidays planned for the year. Chat about the impending cold snap is also accepted.

This is the annual calendar of office small talk.


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Needless, don’t bother with at all. People writing it in emails at work: fuck off.


This is an example of when it is not nice to say something to a person.

and the tree comes down on boxing day

Definitely a flat earther

tree comes down on Jan 2nd

Used to say ‘crappy poo year’ to everyone on the first day back at school

built in a little lee-way for late starters/visitors etc. Otherwise, agreed.

Tree comes down

  • Dec 25th
  • Dec 26th
  • Before new year
  • New year’s day
  • Jan 2nd or later
  • dont believe in “trees”

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