Cut off date for saying 'Happy New Year'

Can we agree on one?

  • Jan 6th
  • Jan 12th
  • End of Jan
  • End of Q1
  • No cut off date

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December 31


Tomorrow probably as that’s when the lucky bastards with long holidays start work again

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Genuinely don’t think i’ve ever said it.

When people say it to me i just smile nervously and edge away. Occasionally they might get a ‘…Yep’.

Say it on 1st January, don’t bother after that.

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It should be like april fools where if you say it after a certain point it’s considered a faux pas.

Jan 6th is the cutoff for all of it. Trees have to be down by then etc. It’s also usually back to school day. It is a bad date.

it’s also my birthday


Midday on your first day back at work, whenever that is for you.

This also allows you to have a cutoff point for tedious holiday chat, which is the main positive.

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Happy New Year of Own Your Age!!

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first day back at work, haven’t wished a single person a happy new year yet, let’s see if i can make it to the end of the day

fucked it

hi5 as well, brutal