Cute things that your pets do / did

My grandad had a parrot who learnt that if she barked like a dog she’s scare off any lurking cats in the garden.


Had a cat who could fetch. I’d flick bits of foil / sweet wrappers off the couch and she’d run after them, bring them back and drop it in my hand. I gather cats who fetch aren’t that rare but I was amazed first time she did it.


If I’m wearing shorts and the cat is sat on top of me grooming himself, he’ll do a bit of my leg hair, too, which is thoughtful of him


Sometimes she does a massive shite inside a hedge or somewhere where I don’t have to pick it up


Licks her own anus.

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There was a spot where Monty was able to pop his front paws up on the window ledge and look out at the world outside and he’d do it when we were walking back from school so you could just see that he’d been waiting there a bit to greet us. Also, when he was doing it, he lost control of his ability not to fart so it would always stink and then, because his tail would be waggling he’d just waft the blow offs around as well.

He used to sleep with his tongue really slightly out of his mouth that was adorable.

He was kind of fussy and sensible and uptight in an endearing way but would occassionally just have a really bonkers moment where he’d forget himself and start barking and running in circles and generally being daft for about 30 seconds before collecting himself and then being a bit sheepish.

He was really big for a border collie but there was one particular stile thing that he absolutely could have jumped over but always refused to and my Dad would have to pick him up and pop him over and it was really funny.

When he was a pup he loved hitting the door springs and barking at them.

He was a bit scared of the rabbit when he was a pup:

He was too complacent to actually bury things of value to him but he would take his bones outside when he had one and just pop a leaf or two on it.

There was one time I spent ages trying to take a photo of him that looked like he was an old man using a webcam so I could make it his Facebook profile picture

I really miss him a lot.


Everything my guys do / did is very cute but one specific thing that I haven’t mentioned before is how whenever I use the mini vacuum they get excited for some reason and start zooming around, and then follow it around and run away




he was a beautiful man


Yeah, he was a really good person


Scout can now throw his frisbee properly - better than me tbh.

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Jessica cuddles me with her little armleg and I swear she does it most when I’m sad. I love her so much


When we finish our dinner we say to Misty coming up? And she gets all excited, so we say “Tell me then!” and she does a little woof so we can pick her up and hold her for a while :pleading_face:


Beautiful <3

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My cat punches people in the face when she gets hungry

She comes and sits on the arm of the sofa and looks at you insistently, then she’ll start nudging your hand, maybe bite you a bit, then if you keep ignoring her she’ll bop you in the face until you feed her

It’s too funny to try to train her out of it


Sometimes the cat will walk part of the way to school with us in the morning - but he’ll only go so far before stopping. When he stops, the dog refuses to budge too.

Best mates innit.


Sometimes when we lived in our old flat, the cat would be playing with her ball and knock it under the sofa. The nearest thing to hand to grab it and get it out with was always Mrs F’s hair straighteners and eventually once she’d lose the ball she’d go and start nudging the straighteners towards the sofa to try and get it herself.

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I’m so envious. My dream would be to have cohabiting dogs/ cats

No way my old girls would tolerate any new arrivals

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One of my mum’s old cats would do this. Plant herself on your chest, one front leg either side of your head, and nuzzle your face. So nice.

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