Cutlery drawer

If you have a cutlery drawer what order do your knives, forks and spoons go?

I couldn’t care less about your tables spoons, chopping knives and tea spoons, just the forks, knives and spoons you would use to eat yer food.

From left to right it’s spoons, forks, knives in this house.

This has got 200 replies written all over it.

Spoons, forks then knives, too.


Smart guy!

WHAT?!?! Renegade!

knives forks then spoons

here’s a question: pizza cutter… in the cutlery drawer or the utensil drawer?


Forks, spoons, knives. Was like that when I moved in. Never been arsed to change it.

Excuse me, this is a thread about knives, forks and spoons

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I keep my scissors in a separate drawer.

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should have called the thread knives, forks and spoons then

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  • With their larger spoon siblings

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The OP specifically states what this thread is all about.

MODS, sort out this guy

didn’t even specify #nochat

so i’m chatting here m9

Fork, knife, spoon so in the order they’d go on table.


I’m getting out of here before some twat like aggpass starts a poll about tea spoons


are your spoons spooning? mine just lie next to each other same as forks

Mine are just thrown in the correct area (the left one). Just pure luck if there’s any spooning going on

Teaspoons || Forks || Knives || Tablespoons+soup spoons


:fork_and_knife: :spoon:

bit of Tupperware for toddler cutlery
Big knives loose in the drawer
Then in the tray:
small sharp knives
dessert spoons
teaspoons in the section at the bottom that spans across the other sections

Spooning leads to forking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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