Cutting an Onion


what’s your favourite vegetable to chop


Courgette’s a satisfying chop


Peppers or mushrooms


mushroom is pretty good

so easy


aubergine is quite nice


mushroom or garlic


Might be a classic tater for me, Clive.


garlic’s too fiddly for me


Agree. Especially if we’re talking more that just pure chopping - i.e., the peeling and stuff as well. Way too much hassle to be a satisfying task.


impossible to get rid of the smell, too


I think courgette is the best, although my onion technique is pretty good.

Once you’ve got the skin off, the top half of a butternut squash is great because you can cube it up so easily. The bottom half is a faff with all the seeds, though.


Mushrooms and courgettes are the business. Sometimes I’ll just chuck them in because I enjoy chopping them so much.

Butternut Squash can fuck right off though and I won’t even go near a turnip.


you probably won’t have heard of it


chop the clove in half and the skin slides off like a dream


it’s not just the skin, even chopping it fine enough is hard work


Probably cabbage, very satisfying crunch.


You just need a really sharp knife.


Spring onion. Little incisive cuts. Makes me feels like a sushi chef


Wheres all the leek love?

Big fan of making leek wheels.


Haha yeah you’re absolutely right, our knives are properly emily blunt. I was even struggling to chop spring onions last night.