Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face


How stupidly stubborn are you?

Tell us about an occasion that you disadvantaged yourself over a point of principle or sheer bloody-mindedness.

As a man without principles I’ve nothing to offer here.


Used to hang out with a couple of friends down by the river in the evenings, arranged to meet them in evening, our normal bench was taken so u went to sit on the far one and waited for them. They were about an hour late by which point our regular bench was free, I thought as they were late the onus was on them to come over to me, so I sat on the far bench for the rest of the evening


I’m not going to the christmas do because they took a deposit this year back in July and I was really grumpy about it.

The deposit will be given back.

It’s going to be a really good do. I hate me.


Not stubborn these days. Used to be.


Nah, work Christmas parties are invariably awful.


Only have hazy memories of this. When I was maybe 6/7 years old I was in some sort of canteen thing having breakfast. Sat down at the table I added loads of sugar to my cereal. Some lad said that it was actually salt, and I replied saying “Nah I think it’s sugar, certain it’s sugar.”

It was definitely salt and I pretended to eat my bowl of cornflakes like I was enjoying it. He looked at me like I was very strange. Don’t think there’s been anything similiar since, maybe that was an important lesson I learned from.


That’s serious stubbornness, you must have had a thoroughly miserable evening.


Posted about it before but the time I went without dinner because of a bad experience when cooking a joint of gammon comes to mind, refused to eat it and it remained in the freezer for about a year before being thrown out.


As an angry young man that was probably a daily occurrence. ive chilled out now that im old and boring.


exactly the same for me. can’t tell you the amount of fun things I used to miss out on, just for being a massive, massive baby


Yeah, but it was the principle


Yeah, it’s basically the pits. Especially when you’re with someone who is equally so. No one wins, ever.