Cv 1231453123456

Just read this CV:

almost totally illegible, wouldn’t offer them the job


I laughed, so check mate him.

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I think that he is currently the only applicant so yeah

get them an interview and make them tell several jokes

Has he put enjoying long walks on the beach too?

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I like how they’ve also underlined the word ‘humour’ in red, too.

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wow, Spain have built a lot of roads since I was last there.

is the first line

‘excellent success ratio of shoot to kills’?


He’s gone for the slightly more prosaic:

the picture won’t fucking show


Fed up with the indignity of working in a kitchen, Royter felt he had no choice but to lie on his CV

Does that entail shitting all over the self service tills?

You work on the Tory version of @anon5266188 's children’s computer game?

Ha nickers has done you

I didn’t know he had any children.

There is almost no feasible way that an actual child would be able to play FM, please don’t be absurd.

Oh fucksake, no accounting for taste.

Sid Meier has been hard at work