CW: Suicide - Jonghyun

I can’t pretend to have any kind of knowledge or appreciation whatsoever of K-Pop at all but this is so fucking sad. The fact he requested his suicide note be made public after his death is really troubling me, like he felt an obligation to serve the very thing that was seemingly contributing to making his life so unbearable.

Is the level of engagement and interaction fans can access with their heroes these days is making this sort of thing all the more devastating and dangerous (for want of a better word)? I feel like it probably is.

Absolutely. Fuck me what a sad note.
I think J/K-Pop also controls it’s pop stars to an extent western pop stars in the 50s/60s were which if they’re forced to suppress their sexuality etc really exacerbates the all-pervasiveness of their fame.

I wasn’t aware of this part until now, but could it be that he felt he could do something in death to really expose the industry and how it treats it’s artists? Is it well known in Korea and Japan how heavily controlled they are and how tough things are made for those who want out, or is there (for want of a better word) a sense of kafaybe about it over there?

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