Cyber Bullying


Just a reminder to please avoid cyber bullying on Drowned in Sound. If you don’t like an opinion held by someone else, please, if you must contest/debate it, do so in an appropriate manner, or through an appropriate gif.

Mods, could you sticky this? Thank You


Keep your wig on


Nah I think I prefer the bullying if it’s all the same.


Look, you’re all going to have fun whether you like it or not.


You sound like a typical bully, m9.


Theo you forgot to sticky the thread.
Many Thanks



He got burned a couple days ago and is really not coping well


not seen any bullying on here in years, probably the best community I’ve seen on the internet. Lovely DiSers <3



I mean unclear joking aside, there is a touch too much of overly serious “YOU ARE WRONG” going down in the music forum these days but it’s almost 100% cleared up in a post or two of discussion after.