Cyber Bullying

Just a reminder to please avoid cyber bullying on Drowned in Sound. If you don’t like an opinion held by someone else, please, if you must contest/debate it, do so in an appropriate manner, or through an appropriate gif.

Mods, could you sticky this? Thank You

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Keep your wig on

Nah I think I prefer the bullying if it’s all the same.

Look, you’re all going to have fun whether you like it or not.

You sound like a typical bully, m9.

Theo you forgot to sticky the thread.
Many Thanks

not seen any bullying on here in years, probably the best community I’ve seen on the internet. Lovely DiSers <3


I mean unclear joking aside, there is a touch too much of overly serious “YOU ARE WRONG” going down in the music forum these days but it’s almost 100% cleared up in a post or two of discussion after.

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