Cyber monday deals


Post any good ones itt pls



i went up a church tower in delft once and it was fucking terrifying.


Any beer deals still going?


Hoping for a discount on a robe and wizard hat. Mine are starting to look a little tired.



If anyone’s still after a Switch, Amazon have a deal for one going up at 10am.


Waiting to hear back from Sandra on a printers tray unit she’s giving away on gumtree. Fingers crossed!


I’m going to unsubscribe from any email that mentions it, they need to learn it’s not a thing


that’ll show em!


Reckon it would if more people did it


I was always under the impression it started cos Amazon et al wanted to join in on Black Friday stuff, but I dunno what the point is now that they all do like two weeks of Black Friday sales anyway.


Also want a Bosch PSM 200 AES multisander


Still looking for a reasonably priced bread machine


What would you class as reasonable? We have a Panasonic that has lasted us maybe 6 or 7 years and gets used 4/5 times a week. £88 here:


Ooh yes I’ve had this one before at my old house but we bought it among 5 of us so didn’t get to take it when I left.
I mainly want it for the pizza dough function cause i’m a lazy cow and would love some pizza dough ready to go. £88 isn’t bad and I know it’s a good one…tempted…


Ah yeah it is pretty good for pizza dough and bread dough. Also makes a really good reliable loaf. Stick all the ingredients in before bed on a Friday night and wake up to the smell of baked bread! (I’m a smug twat, I know)


Need a toothbrush. Hit me.


What’s the benefit of a breadmaker over just sticking the loaf in the oven?


Ooh yes give it to me.
We just struggle for space in our small kitchen but it’s probably the most useful thing.