Cyber monday!


I put on my robe and wizard hat etc.

Got your eye on any bargains today? Personally I’m all rampant consumerismed out after buying one (1) thing on Friday, but whatever makes you happy.

Alternatively, a/s/l?


You covered both of my possible jokes in the OP, so I’m out.


Oh hang on!



Car keys jingling in my hand?


After the horrendous day that was my Black Friday, No Deals and those two guys arguing about a pair of headphones, I am really going all out today for deals. I desire to add more apple products to my already bountiful collection (some say the biggest collection of apple products in Scotland but I blush to get that checked out) so potentially will try and get a cheap iPhone5 (only one I am missing) and maybe an iPad Mini (1st Gen, I have two but need that space grey) Apart from that I need to get a new dongle for the dungeon (its more of a basement) so I can get reliable internet when I am out of range of the router.

Could be a busy day


Good luck @TrainBoy!




I need one of those adaptors so I can use my xbox controller on steam/mac. If I see one of those for cheap I’ll be happy.


Ironically, I’m looking for some bluetooth in-ear earphones. Nothing doing so far.


I know a guy


This is going to be going in an Amazon lightening sale soon and I think it’s very you:


penis lightening


holy fuck man


Get a grip, we all know this is what I meant:


Can I interest you in this limited edition custom iPhone4?


Could do with Peugeot having a sale on parts after some cretin obliterated my wing mirror this morning…


agh fucking hate that. Someone fucked mine up ON THE PAVEMENT side a while ago. Wtf? I’ve whacked it off lampposts at 20mph before and not managed to do the same amount of damage as this twat did.


Just bought 12 months of Xbox Live for £25. Think I’m going to sign up to Sky Sports later, they have a reduced price for a year. I’m also on the lookout for any good deals on an iPad Air 2.


Unfortunately this clot was travelling in the same direction as me, so rather than it folding in, it went backwards and seems to have exploded into millions of pieces. The only thing left intact is the indicator bulb. Still, preferable to her slamming into the back of me, which is what I thought was going to happen.

She had a dashcam on in her car which is handy though…


Where do the batteries go?