Anticipating this thread to be around 80% glitch related, 10% epimer shagging his new pc, and 10% regret.


is this pokemon except in london and instead of pikachu you catch skepta and get him to hack for you


I am playing on release night/day:

  • Yes
  • No

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  • PS4
  • Xbox
  • New Xbox
  • PS5
  • PC
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yeah, 7 years in the making bro.

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tbf as I was typing that I was like does sound kinda good, I know absolutely nothing about it though

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Dispatched yesterday from the same place I got Miles Morales and that arrived early on release day. If it does arrive I’ll probably give it a gander and see how ‘bad’ it is and decide if I’ll wait for a patch like I did with Control.

Generally performance things don’t bother me that much (or I just don’t notice) and never really experienced some of the more notorious release day disasters so I might be ok.

Never played Witcher 3 (or any CDPR) game so interested to see how it is.

Going to stay up till midnight to get the patch downloading then going to sleep.



Looking forward to playing tomorrow night and seeing if it will be a buggy nightmare on my PS4.

Will buy it in six months time.


Downloading the 59gig install as we speak, just in time for the 60gb patch tomorrow

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Same as I said to @keith in the New Xbox thread, let the early adopter mugs beta test it, then pick up the version that works in 6 months time.


Played around an hour earlier, maybe more, on Series X. Not really any bugs but a lot of the textures aren’t great.

A lot of tutorial and chatting so far, not really that much fun. Looking forward to when I can just explore and choose what to do, without my (in-game) phone ringing constantly.

I’m also constantly picking things up with no idea what they are, some very small text in the menus.

Huh, it reckons it’s only a 7 gig patch.

Whelp, goodnight.

like I went to the effort of ‘preloading’ a fucking video game, but not really.


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Looking forward to playing a video game and also reading takes about why it sucks tomorrow. Sweet dreams, mates.


no cyberpunk for me I guess. update stalled at 95% and its not my connection because my conncetion is fucking baller.

probs refund it in the morning.

Oof that’s a fully shit mate.

literally the first moment of the game past the character build.

loving The Hulk so far.