No, different setting. The original Netrunner card game in the 90s was in the Cyberpunk 2020 universe. The rebooted one that I played was in an entirely different universe, called Android (created by the new publisher), so the name was Android: Netrunner. So there’s some shared concepts due that origin but no overlap between Cyberpunk 2077 and Android.

(Android is a fantastic cyberpunk/cybernoir setting, and a more interesting one than CDPR’s take on things)

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Got my refund back this morning into my PSN account, just in case anyone had applied for it and not seen.

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Finally got my refund. Weirdly, I had finally deleted the game mere hours earlier, dunno if that triggered something. I’ll deffo return to the game by picking it up cheap from cex or something post-lockdown. Hopefully it’ll be running a bit better by then.

Just couldn’t be arsed with it crashing all the time.

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I got my refund also (from Sony). The game was still on my hard drive but it was locked. I’ve deleted it now.

Polish business regulators now investigating CDPR

Redownloaded Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk is better

Actually did a mission and am now begrudging pals with Keanu. It’s weirdly reminding me of Mafia 2, where the story missions are very linear and the ‘sandbox’ is a pretty empty frame around it all. The only thing frustrating me is picking stuff up, which is sometimes impossible when there’s multiple items lying around.

@epimer is pathetic for liking this game (sorry I’m late)

You finished Hades yet?

Slightly done by the big black line on the roadmap


See y’all in 2022 then.

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Jason Schreier



In case you missed it, in the last ten minutes Cyberpunk 2077 DLC was delayed, James Harden was traded to the Nets, and the President of the United States was impeached


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This game is gonna be soooo cheap by the time the next gen versions come out. Already 25 quid for the PC version on CD keys.

Based on this, I might pass