47gb update on pc!!

What great timing, I just finished the last part of Tim Rogers’ review last night and am really in the mood to look at/clip through some ray-traced neon signs.

*at 30 fps

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Decided to risk it and pick this up on PS5 as it is in the sale and seems to have a fair few updates. Not going to get much time to play it yet though as Elden Ring is 10 days away so plenty of time for them to bang out a couple more updates before I get going in it properly.

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You’ll enjoy it I feel. It held my attention well but does become, even with recent (up to a few months ago) updates on PS4 - unplayable on the PS4. I’m still glad I have it in my library though and will install when I finally pick up a PS5.

There’s a very good game in there somewhere and it is worth the Sale price point it goes for.

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Hard to mine Twitter to find the info, but has todays update made the base PS4 version playable?

I’m literally just looking into this. I’m watching a few people play it on the PS4 store broadcasts thing - and it does look like it is running better than I have ever seen it. I am on PS4 slim and the movement and combat looks alright to me. Not suggesting you drop £20 on it, but I do feel it is worth that if you upgrade to PS5 at some point. I’m considering deleting a few games from my external HD and re-installing it overnight. I have also just read there is a free trial available but I can’t see that on the PS store maybe because I already have the game purchased digitally.

The style of the game I am more drawn to than The Witcher 3 setting. Yes, I’ve convinced myself I’m going to re-install…

Gonna try this again I think


My copy (PC) is still sealed in the box. Might be time to finally install soon.

Definitely not the month for it, but might give it a wee spin again in the spring.

V1.51 on PS4 slim is running fine. I’m amazed by this. Played 2 hours and no problems at all. Also, last time I had this installed, a while back, it was like 110GB, it’s now less than 60GB. Not sure what they have done of course but it is a big improvement.

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Had a quick dip into this last night, game is gorgeous on the PS5, really want to go explore this game. Why do they have to release the PS5 version of this, Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring all in the space of a couple of weeks!

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The AI improvements are pretty good, you actually have to concentrate in gun fights now

Really enjoying, normally hate first person games. I’m playing in the 4K mode and enjoying the environment - despite it being huge feels super claustrophobic. All the neon and look of everything is great, obviously much more going on than Witcher 3 (though that is still a stunning game more for its rural environments obvs)

Doing my typical thing I do in all big open world games and avoiding the main story as much as possible and doing all the side quests to level up and get overpowered weapons and loot. It’s also been good practice as I’m getting to grips with the fast paced gun combat and aiming which is the worst thing about fps for me.

Couple of things I don’t like - the handling on cars feels ridiculous and I crash a lot though maybe it’s just the default car. The text size is tiny as well (particularly in the HUD and some parts of the menu), can’t seem to find a way of changing it. Remember having this problem with death stranding too and they sorted it eventually.

Have had a couple of crashes, both happened on the same mission but was able to reload to pretty much right before it happened and was fine. Not bothered by it really, when I went through Witcher 3 a few years back would get the occasional crash and when going through Returnal more recently had one or two which was understandably a bit more frustrating with a rogue like. Not noticed anything janky or off otherwise with it yet

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@Epimer where does the Netflix cartoon fit in with the card game/video game worlds?

Dunno. Watched one episode and thought it was fine but probably not my thing.

It’s pure Cyberpunk universe and nothing to do with the Android universe, unfortunately.

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Not sure I’m ever going to get round to playing this. Seems like they’re improving things every few months, so it always makes sense to wait a big longer. Maybe 2023 will be the year.