Cycle to Work Scheme

Please. :+1:

It’s a longstanding flirtation rather than an imminent purchase, so nothing urgent, but always keen to know what the options are, ta.

Feels more viable now my youngest is 18 months and more robust for hoiking into that sort of thing, and the market is rapidly maturing also.

Yeah I do not think bike cost is the main barrier that stops people cycling to work. I’m happy to pay for a bike myself* but please can I have safe cycle lanes and a reduction in petty crime and violence against women.

*Got one already but it’s in the shed at my parents’ house as i don’t have somewhere to keep it where a. I feel safe going, and b. I can feel confident it won’t get nicked

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Thanks for all your responses. It turns out, as mentioned up thread, that there are about 11 bikes for sale in the UK at the moment. As a side point I feel like there’s a gap in the market for classic road bikes built to a modern spec. All the new bikes I’m looking at are ugly af.

Tokyo Bike

All a bit spendy for what they are though and doubt any of them are available on a CTW scheme

Thanks for this. Currently looking at the classic tour bike on the temple website. Exactly what I’m looking for and they are actually in the cycle to work scheme. Are they decent bikes then in your opinion?

Yeah, they look pretty nice to me

They look amazing. Was thinking more in terms of quality. Whether Temple are held in high regard by the bike wanker community. Should probably just do my own research really.

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Tbh I don’t know that much about them, but I do know that the first British woman to ride Paris-Brest-Paris (a very silly bike ride I did last year) on a fixie did it on a Temple fixie, so they must be pretty good??? (If they’re good enough to ride 1200km across France and back in 90 hours they’re good enough for anything I’d have thought)


I’ve just sent them a request for a quote. I have about 2 days until our work scheme closes so I’m up against it but fingers crossed.


i’ve had the previous version of the classic tour for nearly three years now, and am pretty happy with it. Temple were easy to deal with, and they seem to have changed the bar end shifters mine has for something more conventional, which is good. fire away if you have any Temple-specific questions (absolutely not a bike expert). i agree with @plasticniki though, probably a bit pricey for what it is.

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All I can offer is from my own experience. Both our c2w schemes so far have been thru Evans,which should have made it chronic but…

It was my gateway into getting into cycling at all. The first time round I bought a Brompton, under some misguided belief I’d use it to and from the station every day. I spent the next year getting taxis (myriad of reasons including anxiety). However, then lockdown one happened. It was me and my Brompton, and a hundred hours of the day with nothing to do. So I started cycling to the shop and back. And then I started cycling in the park and round the local estates. Then one weekend I racked up nearly 40km cycling round this one circular estate, and then I started riding in the forest… All on this Brompton. I’d already effectively realised I needed a proper bike by this point, and then my work did c2w again. I’d originally wanted a cannondale topstone, but faffed so much it went out of stock (this was around the time bikes were becoming popular). So I settled for a Pinnacle Arkose thanks to the very informative cycle thread here… And the order was confirmed. Then Evans told me about two months later that the bike was out of stock… So I rang them to lightly complain, and he asked me what other bikes I might like. So I was cheeky and said… The Pinnacle a level up (350 quid ish more expensive). After a chat with his manager somehow the bike was mine. It arrived in bits (more than just the handlebars wrong way round) so I had a fun baptism of fire trying to build a bike and then index the gears etc…

2000 miles later here I am.


Superb story, that.

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I looked into it and in the end cba. The discount didn’t seem that good AND the main issue I had was I couldn’t find a bike big enough for me/there was very little to choose from

I’ve ordered a Temple Adventure Disc 3 through the cycle to work scheme, which I’m extremely excited about.

It’s going to be a fairly long wait, as it’s like an 18 week production wait. However the good thing with that is that there’s a delay between requesting the voucher from your employer and cyclescheme issuing it, and at the moment, with the massive demand, it’s hard to find a bike that’ll stay in stock for the 3-4 weeks you’re waiting (probably depends on your employer). With Temple’s system, you basically order any time and you’ll be put in the queue while they make it, so there’s no pressure to order while they’re “in stock”.

Oh and @phantom_heart, I did a fair chunk of research and they seem really great! They also got back to me with a quote really quick


that’s what has always put me off. also i don’t like the idea that i don’t know how much i have to pay to buy the bike after the loan period or whatever.

seems like an awful lot of fucking about to save not much money, but maybe i’m doing it wrong because everyone i know that’s done it is happy and quite often gets more than one bike.


I did one a few years ago. Got a £450 bike for around £230 all in. Still using regularly. Will probably do again and get something fancier now I know I will use it.

someone I know bought a very expensive time trial bike through it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(my place of work doesn’t offer it, probably a good thing, though i know i’d never be arsed to sort it out)

I’ve been thinking about looking into this. Probably worth noting that if any London DiSers are looking to sell an old bike, I’d be interested! FWIW as long as it’s got 2 wheels and works I’m not fussy about anything else spec-wise

There was an upper limit on how much we could spend, and that was the max cost of the bike - it couldn’t be topped up if you wanted something over that amount

i think some schemes have since got rid of the limit