Cycle to Work Scheme

Worked out as me getting an £1900 bike for about £1200, which is a pretty chunky saving, plus you get to pay that over 12 months with no interest, so that’s also nice — nothing up front, comes straight out of your salary.

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Does anyone have any experience of setting this up as an employer? I need to convince my work that it is no hassle for them to do this just for me. I’ve looked in to the Evans scheme and as far as I can tell all they need to do is register online and pay the invoice for my new bike, and enter a salary sacrifice figure into Sage payroll, they don’t have any fees or admin hassles. Is it that simple? I think they’ll save £120 in NI for a £1000 bike so worth it for them if it’s only a couple of hours work. Any more hassle than that and they’re likely to tell me to do one.