Cyclin5 Thread 🚲

There’s good riding and climbs up to monasteries all over the place. I think there’s gravel and mountain bike routes in the south if you’re on that side.


Mallorca is definitely on my list. It looks like there’s amazing riding whether you go for mountains or not - IIRC @harru is going there soon?

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I could have sworn you’ve been to The Big Madge!

It’s very good. Especially for someone like me who’s not a climber - there’s a lot of decent stuff to please everyone.

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It was so close between Tenerife and Mallorca this year. I will go to Mallorca before going back to GC, because the latter is totally on the cards long term but I also want to cycle it all

26 days to go, cannot wait

Actually managing to fit Mallorca, Girona and the Basque Country in the same trip, although suspect I’ll be bike-fatigued by the time I get to the latter…


I had a quick look and there’s a 20km or so cycle path that runs along the coast where we’re staying and a few km inland there’s an old railway alignment that’s been made into a greenway sorta thing, so might have a couple of bimbles out.

Introduction to overseas cycling level shit but a good way to have a wee explore, I guess.

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Where abouts? I’m sure me and Niki will be able to dig out routes that may cover around there, if you’re interested. Sounds like you might be on the east coast if I’m thinking of the same old railway line, but there might be others.

Also, so long as the wind isn’t strong and your bike is ok, I find riding there much easier than in the UK, so doing a bit longer than your used to isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There’s mostly lovely smooth tarmac and very few crap drivers or built up areas.

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In my exoerience cycling overseas almost everywhere in Europe is just objectively a better and calmer exploit than anywhere in the uk or Ireland.

(Apart from Geneva, that was horrendous)


Yeah, east coast - Sa Coma we’re going to.

Not sure my wife will appreciate me disappearing on my bike all week but I’m sure I’ll get away with going out a couple of days for a few hours.


I’m looking forward to my little trip to the iow next weekend but am a bit baffled by which ferry I should get - @plasticniki any suggestions please? The place I’m staying is near Newport :face_with_monocle:

If it were me I’d get the hovercraft from Southsea to Ryde (don’t need to book in advance for you or the bike) but then again, I bloody love the hovercraft :woman_shrugging:

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Ah do you can just walk up and board and pay on board?

Pay at the terminal before boarding and let them know that your bike needs to be stowed :+1:

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I would personally go to Southampton and get the Red Jet to Cowes, because the ride from Cowes to Newport is all along a cycle path - the ride from Ryde to Newport will be shite (and there’s a fucking massive hill going out of Ryde, fuck that).

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actually maybe not strictly true, but that part of the island (the east side) is way more built up than the rest of it, and i dislike the cycling over there.

Would you recommend going past ventnor on the military rooooooaaaaddd?

(How do I remember the words to that song)

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absolutely - best road in the south of england i reckon :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, so not the railway line I was thinking of, but I much wider, gravelly one by the looks of it!

San Salvador might be within reach. I didn’t go out cycling on the day everyone else went up it but @plasticniki will hopefully be able to remember how good it is.

And Ermita de Betlem is only about 25km away.

I’m very jealous.

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Wassup? I’m doing the South Downs way on Sunday. Well, part of it. Plan is to get the train to Amberley and then ride to Eastbourne (think that’s about 80k which to be honest is more than enough given the state of my fitness).

Oh and we’re going on gravel bikes. Anyone done this before? Got any tips? What’s the surface like? Any good snack spots?

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as always indebted to your superior knowledge! cheers. will book shortly.

squeeeee trip!