Cyclin5 Thread 🚲

Finishing at Clapham Junction? Going pub?

I’ve edited it now - finishing at hop king near ldn bridge.

Y, u live in Clapham?

Used to. Live much closer to Hop King now however!

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That’sa lot of concrete you’ll be seeing in south London

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See more in the pro cycling thread

Basically: most of it is being moved to the discovery+ app, subscription cost is doubling, we might lose some stuff

(Gcn standard youtube channel should continue, for now at least)

did you decide on an ebike or still browsing?

would love to hear an update on how you find the whole ebiking experience .


I did a pretty minimal amount of further research, but partly steered by a couple of mentions upthread, I actually ended up going for this one:

A few slightly better components and I liked the look of it a little better than the Trek, so hopefully it’s going to work out for me.

Hasn’t arrived yet. Will update when I’ve done a couple of rides.



Looks like a really smart bike.

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Anyone ever bought anything from Albion? being tempted by merino stuff

haven’t personally but friends speak highly of the brand, especially from an ethical standpoint

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oooh great. thanks.

no, but i want everything


OK that time has arrived. I am getting an indoor trainer.

A club mate friend has offered my a Garmin TacX indoor trainer, and I’ve bitten his hand off as it’s £50.

What I am yet to understand is how do I then hook it up to anything that registers my speed/mileage etc and can work with Zwift/Strava?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Is it a smart trainer? If it isn’t you’ll need speed / cadence sensors for your bike in order for it to talk to Zwift or whatever, and for your laptop/computer/phone to be able to talk to the speed and cadence sensors. I think I needed to buy some sort of weird ANT+ thing to get my setup to work. I think Zwift works best with a smart trainer really. I used to use Trainerroad with a “dumb” trainer and it was okay but fucking boring and I hated it.

IIRC you’ll need to use a speed sensor on your bike. Then when you start zwift it’ll ask for the model of trainer you use and use the speed data plus an estimated power curve for that model of trainer to estimate the power you’re putting out. Ultimately it’s all about power on zwift, and if a trainer doesn’t directly measure that it gets estimated through other measures

Edit - what @plasticniki said. And I’d echo that if at all possible, a smart trainer is a far better option. Maybe try the non-smart trainer to see if you like the idea of indoors work, but you won’t be able to experience any of the gradients, unduations etc in zwift without a smart trainer

In particular, the virtual hills are completely counterintuitive on a non-smart trainer. Let’s say you want to push up a rise in real life - it gets much harder to pedal so you drop gears and pedal hard. On a zwift hill on a non-smart trainer, you won’t feel the gradient in terms of your pedalling but the game knows you’re going uphill, so if you pedal at the same rate you slow down massively. So to push up that virtual hill you have to switch to a harder gear (or spin at a ridiculous cadence)

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To be brutally honest, unless it’s a direct drive smart trainer, then I wouldn’t bother with it at all

I’ve tried with old-school wheel-on trainers before years ago, and the experience is pretty grim, no better than one of those old-school exercise bikes everyone had in the 90s

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ah. thanks folks.

this is saddening - had thought i’d come in for a bargain but looks like it’s a bit of a case for sounds to good to be true then it probably is. don’t think the guy means it like that at all, but i hadn’t considered any of these things, just thought of it as a bargain.

what do you think i should go for then? i don’t have much more budget than about 500 quid.

If your budget is 500 notes, get the zwift smart trainer without a doubt

Yeah £500 would easily get you a smart trainer. I have a feeling if I had one I’d retract the boring and hating it statement very quickly

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