Cycling Thread 2.0

Cycling’s pretty good isn’t it? Show off your four cat tats in here.


I do actually wanna get a tattoo of a bike on my left calf.

Got my third club TT on Sunday. Was going to be marshalling but they don’t need me now! THIRD IMPROVED TIME HERE I COME!

*right calf, fucking hell

Are ya gonna come watch ToB London stage on Sunday after your TT, @plasticniki? :bicyclist::dash:

need to wash my bike

Yep! Probably cycle straight there. Looking forward to it. WILL U BE THERE?

:bike: :bicyclist: :mountain_bicyclist:


needs some LUBE too

Yep! Probably gonna either park down by Downing Street on the 180 degree turn, or just past the finish line. Was a good spot last year.

excellent, i’ll probably head to one of these places then

i’ll probably be in my Penge colours

This is now the cycling thread.

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Awesome! Be good to finally meat you. I’ll be in club kit too :+1:

^ This

Think I’ll go out with it dirty tonight then wash it ahead of the club run on Saturday.

Yeah, I joined a club, I’m that guy now.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS it’s the best isn’t it

(well, if you find a decent one)

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Seems decent yeah. The one closest to me I’ve heard nothing but bad things about, like they’ll deliberately drop you on your first outing to see if you can cut the mustard. So I’ve gone for one which is a wee bit further away, they have different groups based on your abilities so if you want to do hardcore stuff you can and if you just want a jaunt with good folks you can do that too.

Everyone seemed super nice so I’m going back for more.

yeah this is the thing isn’t it

sounds like Penge tbh

they’ve given me so much joy that i’m going to start leading rides in a few weeks!!!

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Hi guys

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This is likely to be the only thread I will bookmark

:heart: you guys

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That’s awesome! Well in!

Hello - first post on new forum

I am also considering a cycling related calf tattoo - got a design in my head and everything