Cycling Thread 2.0


(i am also getting a new bike, just waiting for fucking decathlon to confirm i can use multiple e-vouchers for one purchase as i don’t wanna be stuck with £500 of vouchers)

Can I just shock you, I am also waiting to hear if they accept a very specific voucher that I have :fearful:


what’s their goddamn problem? i have tweeted them THREE TIMES about it and have now resorted to facebook. don’t fucking tell me i have to actually call them, jezzas.

(wtff is this UTI bollocks about?)


It’s good sexual health chat!


Oh god, this doesn’t bode well. I may go in person and force the vouchers into the hand of an employee.

Ooft! IoW randonnee’s the same day as the DiS running crew taking on the Hackney Half Marathon. I feel like Natalie Imbruglia

@plasticniki, guess which south east London outlet of a French headquartered sports retail conglomerate I’m visiting tonight after work?

InterMarche? Sponsored several French domestic cycling teams in the past

nope. DECATHLERS. and they didn’t have the sodding bike I wanted to look at in stock, so I just wandered round and had a look at their football shirts instead.

you know they have a thing on their website where you can check the store stock? i realise this information probably isn’t all that helpful at this moment in time

cool, thanks man! I had a great time anyway. fucking love that new bike smell you only get at Halfords and Deacthlers.

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Imagine what it’s like when you go somewhere that sells decent bikes! :persevere::flushed::blush::heart_eyes:

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you know pnikkers has permission to ban people from here, right?


Caleb gets loooooow.


I’ve been approached by some folk about having a go at racing.

You’ve all seen my Strava times. They’re shit. What shall I do?

Give it a go. What’s the worst that can happen? 29 and walks will tell you that it’s a lot of fun

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you joking? fucking do it!

this is what literally everyone has said

better get on and buy that new bicycle.