Cycling Thread 2.0



I pass quite close to Jozef’s every day but have never been there. Noted. Though p happy with the shop I use in Penge obv.

Had a terrible commute yesterday morning, truly the worst weather I have ever cycled in, but rule number 9 says you must press on, right? Got absolutely drenched the minute I left and then just got progressively colder and covered in grit the further I cycled. Nothing was dry by the time I left work. The trade off was the ride home though: glorious sunshine, traffic was still very very quiet because of the London Bridge incident and it was one of my favourite rides home ever. Normality has resumed today though: usual extremely heavy traffic around LB.

It’s Tour de Penge on Sunday: any south Londoners especially with kids, should come, please.

@Jeremys_Iron the cobbles don’t look too bad on that but it looks a bit steep.

When we did the Koppenberg a lady was taking photos of Mike riding up it. It levels off a bit here but look at the determination on his face :joy:


I used to use jozefs all the time back in my cyclocommute days. Best bike shop in London IMO. The woman there kept trying to buy my bike off me :slight_smile:


Ha he looks so happy!

Yeah it’s not going to be excessively difficult but that climb is a good way to end the ride. It’s a picturesque finish up by the cathedral and the castle and there’s so many nice boozers up there, I’ll keep thinking of that as I’m trying to power up Michaelgate.


Don’t forget bike, err, wankers, that it’s World Naked Bike Ride in London this Saturday.

Having looked at the forecast however, as much as I don’t consider myself a fair weather cyclist, there are limits…


bought a load of stuff in that morvelo sale and it hasn’t arrived yet :disappointed:


So this is the rough guide to what I want to do this summer… I’d wake up in Inverness on Monday and need to be in Glasgow by the Sunday afternoon… doable? Can always sack of going down to Barra and back tbh.


Does the 600 miles include ferry distances? Even if it does that seems like a long way in 6 days! How much gear will you be carrying?

I wanna do that (but not in Scotland it rains too much)


yeah that include ferries :slight_smile:

It’ll just be my on my touring bike (getting it this weekend hopefully!) a tent, bag, etc…


86 miles a day is possibly a bit much – but like harru says, maybe that doesn’t include ferries? we did ~100km a day for 12 days and imho that was enough, I struggled a bit mentally with the distances in the middle of our trip because some of those days had hills and I was dreading them.


Well I know I’m gunna be, I’m gunna be the man who’s cycling home to you


i think distance wise, you’re probably fine. you’ll just need to juggle things around ferry times. the lochmaddy-uig ferry I think only runs once a day for instance, miss that and you could be pretty fucked.

but fantastic route, should be an awesome trip.


Yep, distance shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you have experience of riding your daily average (86 miles). A lot of it is mental. This time two years ago, I rode the best part of 140 miles a day (average daily mileage) for 7 days, plus climbing 5 mountains. Physically, a lot of it felt fine and I felt better than I expected I would. But the major barrier was the mental aspect of it all.


Yeah, Ive done a couple of back to back 100 milers in the past so I think I should be ok.

As Japes said I’ll need to look into ferry times a lot more then maybe the weather too… nothings set in stone so can sack bits of it off should I want to.

Also plan on going out camping a couple of times on the bike before going to Scotland :grin:


also get a midgie head net.


I’ve heard they’re terrible…


people seem to think they’re a joke or something until they actually experience the wee bastards. they can be fucking horrendous. on the bike you’ll be absolutely fine obviously, but if you’re camping defo get a head net.

and some cigars are pretty handy


So, so tempted to upgrade my shit single speed with a Fuji Track SE I’ve just found on LFGSS. £125. Argh.


having a look through some of the bikes there. there’s a bike that’s perfectly my size and its my dream bike:



some of them are so lovely aren’t they


for the FAO of @Aggpass

booked an apartment for me and the lads (rich, mike, japes)

we’re staying above Hop Hideout

:bike: :beers: