Cycling Thread 2.0



oh no it turns out it’s above a beer shop

what a disaster


Great. Jules who runs it is fucking lovely, when are you arriving/leaving


rich, mike and I will arrive on Friday late afternoon and leave on Sunday

@japes what’re yr planz?


same same


Oh no!


great stuff

i am really fucking looking forward to this so much now

potential to be an absolutely fantastic weekend


Sweet. We will do something like

Friday: I’ll meet you guys after work, have some food and beers and that round Kelham Island way
Saturday: BIG RIDE followed by food and beers and that round Abbeydale road way
Sunday: Depends what time you’re leaving but potentially a quick spin


better buy that new cassette hadn’t I


Oh shit just realised I’m working in brum on Friday but I should be back in Sheffield by 6ish so not too bad


I’ll bring mine just in case


I have a feeling we’ll just basically sit in the beer shop the moment we arrive until you rescue us, it’s fine


It’s really, really good tbh. The Broadfield next door is also a nice pub, and the Tramshed and Picture House are both c. 5mins walk away


And then stay in there for the weekend


so the annual Bristol to paris bike ride for charity with work that I have ever been allowed to go on as it clashed with year end has now been moved to early may

I get to go on it, yay!
plus, excuse for new bike :wink:


Loved the charity rides I’ve done through work. So much fun. Enjoy if you do go.



I’m there!
how often do you get to go on a fully supported ride?


Sorry didn’t realise. I’ve done Paris London, 5 peaks by bike and hike (1000 miles in a week plus walking the 5 peaks), 24hrs solo round a circuit, countless sportive type events. All really well organised.


@plasticniki & mike, @rich-t , @japes and anyone else joining us. how many utter little bastard* climbs would you like to do during the ride, so I can plan a route.

*little bastard = 1km - 1.5km ish at 11-14% avg.


A few


twenty six