Cycling Thread 2.0



This might be too many!


Mike loves hills and would love loads of climbs. I favour rides where the total upness is proportional to the distance, where 1000m over 100km is “normal” and I’d be able to keep a pretty good speed, but after than I get slower. Wouldn’t really want anything more than ~1500m of climbing in a 100km ride if I can help it cos I get slow as fuck.


Hope you have a load of fun, BWs! :heart_exclamation:


Would be quite hard to keep it below 1500m while going anywhere pretty tbh, I’ll just be grinding up them in my granny ring though, and we’ll do as many breathers and coffee stops as people want


tbh it’s after that kind of proportional upness that I get slower so if everyone’s fine with waiting for occasionally then I’m fine with it

I’ve not really tested my legs since Tour de Luxembanter so I might actually be better than ever on climbs, who knows


I meant I am definitely in for it
have emailed line manager to ask for permission


some of the scenery before you get to Paris is fucking GREAT

argh I wanna do it again


Me eating lunch with all round good guy and ex Irish pro Martin Earley, somewhere about 50 miles north of Paris. He won a stage of the Giro and Le Tour. Hero!




Raced up a hill about 2km long, maybe 4-5%, with him. He was totally fine at the top, I was gasping. “Yeah, we average about 420W up there”. I was dead. Dropped everyone else though.


Enjoying the criterium in Winchester today.


Saw a full kit venta wanker guy at Clapham junction yesterday


Was it @twentynine??


Just had my first fairly high speed crash. Somehow ended up without any even minor injuries and just needed to readjust my saddle afterwards. Slightly underwhelming tbh




Got a brilliant derailleur question for @japes to tackle when he is up for it.


started chucking it down, was going pretty fast and didn’t realise how sharp the right turn was until too late, grabbed my rear brake too tight, back wheel skidded, hit the bank at the turning and threw me off. the other side of the road had a stone wall and barbed wire in the same spot so pretty lucky


I’ve seen @rich-t on two consecutive days, hat trick is the goal :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Good to see you again. I’m off Thursday this week if you’re free for a sllllloooooowwwww spin? I’ll

If you’re wanting to see me tomorrow, im leaving for work at 11 and my address is;