Cycling Thread 2.0



I have Thursday off too! :raised_hands:t2:


Things just got interesting


guys, I need your help.

the soles of my feet are getting quite sore and like, really uncomfortably ‘hot’, if that makes sense. Any tips on how to fix this? I’m currently using these:

with these:


move the cleats about

do the laces up tighter / not as tight. find my feet get sore if i’ve got them tied up too tight.


if the pain is around the ball of my foot, is it better to move forward or backward? I remember having this exact same pain on an exercise bike when I went to the gym.


it might depend on the shoe… just have a play around Id say :confused:


either / both. see if it makes it better or worse then move them back more or less depending.

could try different socks too.


I’ve just seen someone get nicked for riding a Boris Bike through St James’s Park. Not the smartest move on a day when practically the whole Met Police are camped out round the back of Downing St.


ta! and @japes

btw, I really don’t like Strava. don’t like cycling with a particular destination in mind and route planned out. might just record my rides on it rather than plan things out.


that’s what I generally do, Ive got my satnav in case I get lost/quickest route home etc.


I like how it tells me just how slowly I climb hills.


Some people do find SPDs uncomfortable given the small surface area compared to road cleats but I would assume hot spots would only be present when you wear them for hours rather than straight away, idk. Also you might wanna get some pedals with a larger surface area like these:

Also these might be helpful:


No one uses Strava for that anyway.


really? I thought loading up routes and following them was like the whole point of the app.


Amputation mate. RIP ProfK’s feet.


It’s for logging stuff. I’ve never planned a route using it because it’s shite.

Edit: I’d say those features of Strava are an afterthought to the app / website really. I use RidewithGPS or normally just nick GPX files from sportives / local club websites


what you are experiencing are called hot spots

definitely worth experimenting with cleat position - it’s more likely to happen with flexi soled shoes - the stiffer your sole the better really


Carbon soles for people with carbon forks


so, right.

put on new chain the other day (old cassette, has approx 4000km on it)

& took off cassette and cleaned it, also put on new derailleur hanger cos the other one got bent and wasn’t really fixed properly by the shop…

easy peasy so far, indexed the gears which takes literally 20 seconds cos it’s di2. drivetrain is now PERFECT. lubed up and ready to go

however… when i am in big cog/big cog (50-32), the chain will immediately come off if i pedal or rotate backwards for more than about half a turn. Chain comes off inwardly towards the frame, every time.

google says either:
a)ignore and don’t pedal backwards you idiot (ok fine but y’know sometimes it just happens, or you wheel it backwards to park or whatever)

b) something to do with the B screw but i done a lot of b screwing in and out & it don’t make a difference.

(i know google also says don’t use that gear combo but sometimes i do ok? Not very often but i don’t want to have to remember to avoid it at all times because I will forget).


Got a new tool, why do I feel I’ll get more use out of this than any of the others?