Cycling Thread 2.0



Fancy pants bottle opener. You get paid too much


:blush: it was 4 quid couldn’t resist


What’s wrong with your teeth? You french lot eh


Every time I see their products, I sing the blur song to myself but with tool instead of life


well you shouldn’t ever use that gear combo! it’s bad for the chain.

don’t know anything about di2 tbh, but if it was regular mechanical I wouldn’t have thought your b screw would be causing the problem. just dial it in enough so that the guide wheel on the derailleur isn’t rubbing against any of the cogs (there’s usually quite a big window of adjustment where this works fine so wouldn’t think that would be the problem)

might be that your lower limit is set too far inboard ie the derailleur can shift too far towards the spokes, so could try dialling that back a bit. but tbh if it’s all running fine except when in the most extreme gear combo I wouldn’t worry about it, just don’t use big / big. and if you do, don’t pedal backwards :smiley:


Happens to me as well but I just ignore it.



forgot to mention chain falls off front chainring not rear!

just gonna ignore it but i know one day i will come a cropper…


does it also make a ticking noise?


Might be a bomb?


nope - it’s all siiiiiiiiiiiilent :kissing_closed_eyes:


I might get @japes to have a look at mine next weekend. If he fixes it he can tell you how he did it :no_mouth:


don’t even know if my front derailleur has limit screws actually (it moves around laterally as you go through the cassette), will check


DI2 wanker


but thinking about it chain falls off the wrong way for it to be a limit screw problem

oh well just gonna never ever go backwards, none of this for me:


oh right, the front. could be worth checking your auto-trim is set up correctly then? that’s the function that moves the front derailleur by different amounts depending on what gear you’re in at the back


oh ffs to do that i have to update my bike’s firmware :upside_down:



Just a wanker



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