Cycling Thread 2.0



wanker with legs



My tan is ridiculous on my knees and then stops just past them, then gets a bit better until there’s a slight sock line. It’s a great look when I’m wearing a dress.

My arms and hands: JFC my fingers look absolutely ridic because I have very distinguished marks where my mitts go.


One of the main reasons why I don’t wear gloves (also my hands sweat a lot so covering them up really doesn’t help).

The mark of a cyclist: the ridiculous tan lines.


Last week I didn’t wear them and like the last time I left them at home, my hands went really dry :frowning:

Someone in bike club cycled over 900km this weekend: Saturday he cycled from London to Wales, because on Sunday he was going that silly-looking L’etape Dragon Ride, and then yesterday he… cycled back? Insania. Apparently over 700km of it was solo. I can’t really comprehend.


some folk take it a bit too far, eh


I’m all flustered now


can you flag it for me? for some reason when I flag it I can’t bloody do anything to it


done, thanks!


Got up Michaelgate back in Lincoln (UTI) pretty easily in the end. Could’ve done it faster but I think I put myself into too low a gear. Had a pint and a sausage, bean and cheese melt afterwards so undid all my good work really.


You need to click the spanner icon that hovers on the right and then do “select posts” which gives delete. But flagging is always quickest.


So it was Tour de Penge on Sunday. A free community bike ride organised and led by Penge CC to Greenwich and back along the Waterlink Way. It’s a way for us to give something back to the community (blah blah something). Anyway, I was shocked and amazed that from about 8.30am on Sunday morning more than 300 adults and kids from SE London turned up to ride this. Leaving Penge was like a fucking brilliant, like a (probably?) more middle class version of Critical Mass. We split groups into riders of about 20 and then some Penge folk led the way to Greenwich. I was a back marker for one of the groups and we had several tiny kids on the smallest bikes you’ve ever seen riding it. I was convinced the families with smaller kids would bail at Greenwich, but nope, apparently the majority of folk signed up made it all the way back, where we’d organised a BBQ / booze / ice cream at a local school like a massive party. It was excellent.


Why’d you wanna hang around with kids so much… :unamused:






just my idea of hell on each(/bikes)


Nah, it was lovely. Didn’t have any responsibility for any of the kids, they were all accompanied by parents / other family members. My job was just to make sure no one got left behind in our group. Was just nice seeing a fuckload of people out on bikes.


spent most of commute home trying to learn to bunny hop so that must’ve looked cool.

can get the back wheel off the ground most of the time now… just need to link the action together.

one day i will learn to ride with no hands.

oh and what in the frig is this about? the bike on the roof :smile: (obvs he is my inspiration for the bunny hopping)


Bunny hopping with cleats is the easiest thing ever. Not so good having to do it on a descent at 65/70kph though.


still too scared to try a wheelie with cleats


yeah it’s getting the feel for kicking the back end up is all…backwards, and unfamiliar. it’s the same problem i have with 3’s on skis fyi


Mates I can’t even go no fucking handed can I