Cycling Thread 2.0



(me neither)




Just do it all at the same time. Doesn’t need to be a ‘bmx’ bunny hop. If you pull upwards as you jump, the bike will come with you.

Next one to try is stretching your quad on the saddle as you’re rolling along, or taking off a jacket as you’re rolling (ah just seen you can’t ride no handed either)


A car almost knocked me off cycling home today, he made an apologetic hand gesture… blatantly didn’t check his mirrors as he decided to pull left into where I was (without indicating). After, as I was cycling off 200 metres down the road a driver wound their window down so the passenger could ask if I was ok, which was nice :slight_smile:


i can take a jacket off! and eat and drink on the move. can’t put a jacket on though.


Then learn that, or the stretching quad thing


Like this


that’s not a quad bike



as a car driver, it can be easily done, (although shouldn’t be) at least they apologised…


i never want to do that.


You might get to a point where you need to


i think you misunderestimate how unflexible i am, my legs are basically made of porcelain


Dunno then man. work on those bunny hops then


bunny hops are all about the push into the ground (physics innit)

keep plugging and you’ll get there

best not to rely too much on pulling up on SPDs - one day you will twist your foot a smidge with a worn cleat and unclip in mid air - not so good

it’s sooooo much easier on a slackish MTB with a dropped saddle (on my hardltail with no dropper I’m limited in the height I can get as I’m always smashing the saddle into my arse)


Also helps if you can pull a “Blue Steel” at the same time


How many alarms have you got Tim?


fell off my bike last night (off road thank goodness)

lost a load of skin off my arm - and have a big swell on my leg. Nice


that’s reminders from my reminder app - reminding me to do things I should have done by now


that looked painful


*don’t crash*