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it is!!!

just glad it happened so fast I didn’t have time to put an arm out and break a wrist/ collarbone


:bicyclist: #GetDownClub


Independent review into British Cycling’s culture is out. :girl: :muscle: :cry:,1RRC,URO42,6RQ2,1


hey @plasticnicola how long does the battery last in a wahoo bolt if you’re using the maps? you reckon it’ll get you round your 200km ride alright?


pretty sure yes – the longest ride I have used it for is 140km (/8 hours constant on, don’t think you can turn off and then resume like the garmins) and I’m sure it had 50%(ish) of battery left???

though I have a lil battery pack I will take just in case


i have a wee battery pack too, was trying to figure out whether to take it or not. think it will last, the battery life has been pretty great so far.


my original Wahoo lasted for a 200K over 10 hours (including stops on garage forecourts to eat scampi fries and peperamis) still had about 20% left


I haven’t really noticed a significant decline in battery when using maps compared to not using maps tbh. The TBT directions are great if you’ve got cues on the GPX file by the way, I tend to leave the screen on one of the data pages and it tells you when you need to turn about 250m before a junction.


did you have the map on at the time? using the maps on my garmin would shaft the battery pretty quickly, doesn’t seem to affect the wahooooo as much


yeah - pretty much




I’ve struggled with this - TBT only seems to happen if I’ve created the route myself from scratch using Ride with GPS, if I take someone else’s route from there, nothing. Am I missing something?


Nope. It’s a bug. Apparently it will be fixed in the July update (p. exciting!!!).

Actually: the route has to have cues, I think, for TBT directions to work. There is a bug where if you use the app on yr phone to route you somewhere midride it doesn’t tell you when to turn, and also routes from Strava don’t work with TBT directions. That’s where the bugs are.


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This e-mail just arrived from CTT. Imagine being this fucking petty over a 200x200 image :sweat_smile:

[quote]Dear Gray

Dear rider

A complaint has been made that the photograph used by some riders on their CTT profile on the CTT website has been used without the owner’s express permission.

Generally, the owner of the copyright in a photograph belongs to the person who took the photograph. For anyone to use that photograph (which includes the person of whom the photograph is taken) without the owner’s permission is a breach of copyright.

A photograph that shows a watermark over the image of the rider will nearly always have been taken by a professional photographer who then will put the photograph for sale on his/her website. A photograph that is used on a rider’s profile that shows a watermark will usually have been taken from such a website and probably without the owner’s permission. As such, it is thought that in nearly all cases, a photograph on the rider’s profile that shows a watermark will be a breach of the owner’s copyright.

All riders are asked to check the photograph on their profile and if you do not have the owner’s permission (i.e. the permission of the person who took the photograph) to use the photograph, please would you remove the offending photograph from your profile.

CTT has been informed that failure to do so could lead to action being taken by the person who took the photograph.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.



dear lordio


I bloody love being a nerd so much


I’m a fair bit out of shape, but I really enjoyed that ride


My mates son is 14/15, and pushing out 21:18 10 mile TTs. This is an open course with all ages represented. He finished 3rd (number 18).

2nd in the northern division U16 league currently. Bastard.


Can he do it hungover though?