Cycling Thread 2.0



he’s 15, of course he can




Insane. My fastest 10 mile TT is over 30 minutes lolllll


27.09 for me. Fucking 15 and he’s hitting 21 minute 10s


what should i ride at the weekend?

I know what you’ll all say but it’s a mission to get to from here (3+ hr drive) so i probs won’t do it and this referendum is not legally binding. i do wanna do it though[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Alpe d’Huez
  • Col d’Iseran
  • Mont Ventoux
  • Lac Leman (lake geneva circuit)
  • Col de Joux Plane & tdf '16 mountain tt route
  • something fucking flat


Col d’Iseran is meant to be mental. Obvs Ventoux and Huez are great, but I’ve always wanted to give the Iseran a go over the others


don’t want to influence the voting but iseran is a good shout because it involves no driving and there are loads of pubs on the way back down


it’s a pretty much solid 40km climb from here :confused:


Haven’t got a link for the also ran of the options



Could try this


:slight_smile: from the looks of the map I’m doing most of that in the etape next month :sob:

hold on…32000 ft wtaf is he an astronaut ?


6 or 7 major mountain passes


don’t think i’ve even seen anything more than about 4500m in one ride (so 15000ft ish)

think my biggest day this year was 2000m (plus a bit) and i was flat on my back after that


Don’t talk to me about climbing, used to love it. Now not so much


so very looking forward to next weekend


I’ve never tried Winnatt’s pass and we’ll be in the area. worth a go?


Drove up there a couple of weeks ago. The road is barely wide enough for 2 cars, so a plodding cyclist will be holding up traffic to a fair extent. It is brutal by the looks of it. There’s a right hand turn about half way up and then it really kicks up.

We can try it, hit I might hate you forever


is it quite a busy road? most of the hard climbs are really quiet so there’s plenty of zig-zagging room, not up for 25% in traffic


Yeah properly busy both ways. It’s literally a stone’s throw from Castleton and that’s a really busy place too. There’s a large car park at the bottom and the traffic coming from the top down seems very consistent. I was very surprised about the traffic tbh