Cycling Thread 2.0



It’s a much nicer drive from South Manchester/Cheshire to Sheffield than Snakes Pass, so always has quite a bit of traffic.


on the subject, are you joining us next weekend?


Hopefully! It depends if my knee is destroyed come this Sunday. How early a start do you reckon it’ll be on Saturday?


There’s a very good looking tap takeover at the Shakespeare on Friday night, so I’m guessing it won’t be crack of dawn.


14 kudos given?


He does only have 21 followers. But yeah, I’d want to be in the millions of I did a 150+ mile mountainous ride


how you feeling about your audax @japes? how many info controls are there? remember to take a pen to write the answers down!!!


alright. was weighing up whether to replace my chain beforehand but that will probably lead to disaster, eh. will probs just give the bike a clean and a wee tweak tonight, nothing major.

think there’s three controls? and a lunch stop. I should probably look up what i need to do at each one. not really got a clue how this audaxing thing works tbh

you looking forward to yours? take it @plasticmike is doing it too?


yeah, there’s a few of the penge lot, one who did it last year. weirdly the organiser hasn’t sent an email with an updated gpx or anything which isn’t great :confused:

you have “controls” at audaxes: info controls (where you have to answer a question); and full controls- these either have a person stamping your brevet (like the iow randonnee), or, if there’s no one there, you will have to get proof of passage another way, like getting a receipt from a shop. the bit on controls here explains it:

it’s a bit bonkers but quite fun, i found.


most people seem to just memorise the answers as they pass the controls - and write them down at the next tea stop

This led to me missing my 1st ever one, as I expected to come across a crowd of stopped audaxers getting their pens out

About 30% of the questions seem to be vague/ confusing/ answers have changed since they set the questions.



I’m going to put some markers on the GPX and then hope that my Bolt will tell me when I get to them.


going to take my boy and his mate mountain biking tomorrow - only problem is when I’ve been riding to work this week any vibrations through the bars really hurt my bad arm from my crash on tuesday. Could be a painful ride

Also excitingly my boy is ready to move to a 16" frame - I’ve found him a cotic soul frame. We are going to get the tools out and switch all the bits over. Fun times


other irk is that the questions usually are something like “what’s the name of the pub at 78K” - and then you pass a pub at like 76K and you are like “is that it, is there another one coming???”


Have we all seem the Trocadero fixie?? Steers via the back wheel and not the bars or forks. Mental



Consider me irked


Probably would be a death trap if they were fixed tbh


remember seeing these before. would love a go on one.

makes me think of reverse steering bikes. you ever tried one? your brain can’t cope


That’s amazing!


They used to have those in Thorpe Park when it was still shit 25 odd years ago

So weird


Did the Iseran. 7/10 slightly underwhelming but still fun. Last 2 kms at the top were brutal.