Cycling Thread 2.0



Maybe being harsh but the problem with high altitude is that nothing grows there, so above 2500m or so it’s just barren Grey rocks and a bit of dirty snow. The valley lower down was wicked though.


Looks brilliant mate. I love a desolate bleak ride.


Made it to Edinburgh about 30 minutes before sunrise this morning. Cycling through the night with just blinking red lights and the sounds of bikes was wonderful.


were you doing ride to the sun?


Yep! The wall of midges approaching and in Tweedsmuir was something else.


nice one. had a couple of pals that were doing it, one dude after having just done a 200km audax with me yesterday. the show off bastard :smile:


Thanks! Yeah, there were some folk that cycled from Edinburgh to the start - considering how much gentle downhill there was on the course, that must’ve been so draggy and horrible in the heat.


Recorded my first ever DNS today. Not remotely guilty about it!


Really wanted to do this but it’s slightly faffy coming from the south. Next year!

(got Dunwich Dynamo to look forward to haven’t I)


When is the Dynamo again? Friend today said she was half-tempted


Beginning of July (8/9)


Flat Fairies Half Flat audax is so bloody good. Highly recommended :ok_hand:


how did you find it? you had a pretty good ave speed


That’s flat as fuck. Anything considerably over 100 miles is always a good effort, even more so in this heat. Congrats son


Someone at the club recommended it. Average speed was decent because it was very very flat and there was a good group of us, including one guy who’d done the bloody 300km who met up with us :cold_sweat:


Oooh hmmm. Considering! One to check off the list innit?


Weirdly I really don’t want any food now. I need to have some dinner and I didn’t eat loadson the ride and surely have a calorie deficit today, but I just… Have very little appetite? Should be chowing down on a massive takeaway. Probably just make some shite pasta.

Anyone else get this?


yeah i never feel hungry immediately after a ride. takes a couple of hours to kick in.

dude running my audax yesterday made lasagne and curry for everyone finishing and it was great but i couldn’t even finish it


Yeah I can never eat after a big effort. Can smash down a recovery shake or something but eating when you’re hot and have mentally stopped is genuinely an uphill task sometimes. Eat like a pig the next day though!


We finished like 3 hours ago :pensive:

I reckon it’s the heat. It’s like 28°c inside our flat.