Cycling Thread 2.0



timings have been released for the etape…

the first hour has been set at 33km/h minimum :neutral_face:

it’s downhill but that seems optimistic


ahahah wtf

(i assume it’s closed roads???)



looking at it, last rider sets off at 9am (meaning they’ll be riding all day and finishing late afternoon in the full heat, good luck with that!)

at 10:01 the road 34km away opens up again so anyone behind that gets eliminated.

tbh i dunno how wide these roads are and how organised the set off is, but i can’t imagine 15000 riders will just start rolling down the road at 30kmh+ and not get caught up in their own traffic ?!


re: audax “awards”

i didn’t realise there were badges for 5 x 100km rides (etc), i was mainly wanting to do 200km+ because they count towards club points, but i didn’t realise there were badges up for grabs for me



“ride a 200, 300, 400, 600 & 1,000km all in 1 season”
'kin hell


oh my goodness it’s a swimming badge… for your fleece ?? :cold_sweat: :confounded::mask:


for your massive *carradice saddlebag!

*more likely will buy a nice musette and sew em on isn’t it


lad in my club will have completed this once he’s done london-edinburgh-london next month. did a 600km this weekend!


My mates dad in an audax record holder. Most Kms in a year on a trike (fixed trike I think)


audax folk are GREAT / mad

one of our lot who was doing the 300 on a carbon road bike was told “i would die before i rode a carbon bike” :joy:

he also got comments for not having mudguards??? (it was boiling hot and there was no rain, wtf, and loads of folk weren’t running mudguards)

ALSO someone fainted in the cafe in dungeness because it was so fucking hot, that was scary


not gonna lie, it all sounds a bit brexitty

i would break loads of rules if i did one i reckon


hah, i think it’s great and i can really see myself getting into it

there’s loads of audax associations around the world, it should be noted


Making a weekend of it might make it easier? I’m definitely going to look into staying over somehow so I have somewhere to go at 6am when it’s all died down if I do it again next year. Hanging around for five hours for the train wasn’t very fun, and that was in perfect weather.

I’m sure Dunwich Dynamo will be similarly great, too. Look out for @deadonthestairs!


I’m not sure if this is an old or a new clip, but I like it:


yeah, we were trying to and then we’d left it a bit late for trains and that :confused: (and then the 200km audax came along so i just thought oh we’ll do that instead)

(moral of the story: get organised!)

will look out for dots obv


I’ve seen it before and it terrifies me for some reason :fearful:


I like the guy on the scooter.


can i just say that even with maps + tbt directions on, my bolt had 30% battery left after 205km/10+ hours solidly on. great stuff. everyone else had to charge their garmins when we stopped :rofl:


yeah, me too. finished on 28% battery. maps, tbt, cadence + heart rate sensors and paired with my phone the whole time.

took a spare rechargeable power bank thing just in case but didn’t come close to needing it. pretty impressive.


I don’t often get to do this to you marckee but I saw this clip about 6 months ago.