Cycling Thread 2.0



the photo of it lying on the floor :smiley: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



(this should really be a better ride than my current shitty single speed and I’ll be able to put some phat tyres on it plus I REALLY WANT A HIPSTER FRONT RACK SO BAD)


Is this so @plasticmike can sit on the front and you can sing Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head?


someone made a drone video of it



The twinkly lights!


guys, i can’t stop buying casquettes :confused:


this is nice and is making me really want to ride the dynamo next year. trying to see if i can find people to do it with at the moment. my dad seems semi-on board.



Keen to get a DiS Peloton arranged tbh.

FWIW, it’s pretty much a big-ring only ride. Almost zero hills even though the elevation profile on Strava kind of says otherwise. It’s just a wonderful evening / night / morning out. I absolutely loved it.


pics plz?


it’s mostly just a load of morvelo ones tbh. all their stuff is so nice.

that ‘fuck cars, ride bikes’ one is so nice that i almost don’t want to wear it :confused:


i saw they have one with “have a nice day” on the side and then when you flip the peak there’s a smiley face. i like that.


i need to step my game up.

thought they were a winter only thing since i’ve usually got a hot head (shut up) but tried one out in the nice weather and it was pretty good. kept the sweat out my eyes. was ringing wet by the time i got home though.


that’s about the only one i haven’t bought!

well up for a dis dynamo ride, btw. i grew up in that part of the world so i know how flat it is (went on a school trip to dunwich once to study erosion!).


Count me in for it next year too.


Sounds like you need a federer sweat band like this prick has…


yeah, i wear one every time i ride. good in all weather, really, for keeping either sweat or rain (or both!) out of your face.

they do get a bit damp and gross but just handwash and hang them up in the shower when you get home and you’re all set.


put it in your diaries now, it’s July 28th




can we get the dis bw casquettes (see? obsessed!) we’ve been talking about so we look proper #penge?