Cycling Thread 2.0



i was looking at those. seems like castelli are like the only people that make them for hot weather

i mean i suppose i could always get a non-bike specific one but it’s not going to be as aero is it?


We doing there and back yeah?


what’s an extra 200km, right?!



i was very surprised at the amount of folk cycling the other direction tbh (obv some where getting the train back from Ipswitch but still)


You’re an absolute mad man richard-tea.


I wish that was me, it’s a mate, but that’s how long it’ll be.


Ahhh I see! Half a day on the bike, woof.


I have two, they’re great (Tony the Tiger)


He’s a fucking nutter tbh. Manchester - London at 20.2mph average.


Andy SallNO


we took about 8.5 hours riding to do one way from SE London, over 12 hours including stopping time so I dread to think what my 400km time would be, probably 30 hours?


you’ll probably have your super randonneur badge by next year and 400kms will be a walk in the park!


Could turn round and stay at my mums house in Fingringhoe (lol!!!)


oh shit, now you’re talking


We can get the ferry back to the Port of Hackney?


Hello I did the Dunwich Dynamo and it was loads of fun and I was so delirious on return to London that I think I said bye Niki bye Matt and he isn’t called Matt! FFS sorry @plasticmike :frowning:

Anyone who considered it this year should definitely do it next year. It’s just ridiculous. On more than one occasions I just burst out laughing at the fact these thousands of people were all doing this ridiculous thing for no real reason. Oh, Britain.

Fuck me, though. Epping was full of absolute cunts.

Bye now.


This is my quickest 100 mile plus (this one was 182km). Didn’t stop. Wish I could do that again.


hi dots

you fancy this?



Neither of us noticed that.

One of my favourite bits was going through Sudbury at about 1.30am, there were loads of people leaving pubs n that and they were all like “why the fuck are there so many people on bikes I don’t understand why you’d go on a bike ride this late???”

Also it’s been quite funny trying to explain to people at work.

Colleague: What did you do at the weekend?
Me: rode to the Suffolk coast
C: oh, how long was that?
M: nearly 200km
C: why??
M: dunno, cos loads of people do it. Oh I forgot, we did it overnight