Cycling Thread 2.0



Definitely in for DD 2K18. Already entered it in my diary and everything.

Is it me, or is there no website for it, just a Facebook page?


There’s a FB page for the DD and someone will probably create an event for the next one at some point.

There’s no organiser though, so no website or owt. It’s just a load of people all cycling from point a to point b at roughly the same time.

A woman came out of her house while we had stopped for a puncture repair and demanded to know who the organisers were. She did not accept my answer of ‘there isn’t any!’ as the truth.


Nice, part of a charm, I guess #jesuischarlie


The locals in the pub by the river in Sudbury were over the moon! They thanked us all for coming as it meant last orders was extended by 3 hours (probably more). They were PISSED.


Yes! Is that the other thread? Didn’t really read it.


sudbury’s a weird place. my old band played a gig in a pub there once and our drummer (who was quite new and so we didn’t know him too well) cried in the beer garden for ages before we went on. it was super awkward.


The whole vibe was just wonderful. We were at Needham for quite a while getting coffee at 4am just as the sun was coming up and I felt like I was at Glastonbury or something. Those 8am beach beers were amazing as well. Long live secret door booze.


yep. bike ride through the day / beers in the evening.

that other thread is for the non-bike folk who will be joining in later.


Do all the coaches back to London drop off at the same place?


Okay, cool. Might only be able to do bike ride as I’m off to see Charlotte Church’s Pop Dungeon in Edinburgh that night for a pal’s birthday (will double check that is the saturday night though)


i got the southwark cyclists one, which drops you off at surrey quays. there are others but southwark put on the most coaches iirc


most of the other ones are arranged by cycling clubs and that. the other alternative is to cycle back to ipswitch (another 50km) and get the train, though you have to book it, they don’t allow walk ons with a bike on dunwich dynamo day


Good to know, thanks pal. Hopefully a few of my Redmon pals (haven’t even joined yet) will be riding it.


when southwark release tickets I’ll let everyone know, they’re about £25 “early bird” and double that if you book later on


Haha, I was there last week on a Tour De Essex. My pals were extremely amused, until my Garmin tried to make me ride straight through the river and we had to take a 10 mile detour through Colchester since the ferry wasn’t running :neutral_face:


The ‘ferry’ is a tiny boat that can take 4 people at a time. Doubt it would carry a bike. Dodged a bullet


@harru I see you’re doing the Etape, me too. I’m not starting til about 13000th place!

Not too worried about the climbs, I’m more concerned about:

  • getting a mechanical in the first 60km as the initial broom wagon page is pretty hard-core
  • getting run off the road on the descent by some lunatic

Quite annoying you have to register the day before. I’m staying about a 90 minute drive so gonna be to and from the village all weekend


@deadonthestairs heyooo

How did you get back from Dunwich? back to London then to manc or direct to manc…?


Christ, Joanna Rowsell Shand is riding the etape with a 39/27. A track rider not known for her climbing ability. @harru ouch.



Got the early-birdy coach back to London then a very late train back to Manchester for about £12! Got a bit of sleep at a friend’s in London but still pretty zombie-like cycling to Euston