Cycling Thread 2.0



Cheers man, :+1: could be up for this next year :t_rex:


?? Most of the tour pros push something like that do t they?



I will pack a shitload of cheese and pickle sandwiches for everyone in my saddlebag.


Yeah, but she rode round a flat track in a circle. She was dreading it, and reckoned she might put a compact on


Seems the #DunRun FB posters are not fans either. They have a reputation


Its in the diary!


hah, yeah, they’re who’s given the DD a bad rep previously. I saw one DP jersey this year, maybe a couple at the end. In fact I would say that along with Beckenham Rugby Cyclists and Brixton, Penge might have been one of the most widely-repped clubs there :slight_smile:


Brixton’s kit is so bloody nice.


Better than that Penge rubbish


you have to be joking




I’ll have you know we got 7.5 on the Cycling Jersey podcast :stuck_out_tongue:

(ranked 2, currently)


ranked 2 behind brixton? :stuck_out_tongue:


7.5 out of 50 for ripping the Italian flag?




No, these lads:


i like both the brixton and #penge kits much more than that one.


Raleigh Ti?


I’m 11500 or something, starting 08:22.

yep deffo, be pretty fucking galling for a puncture in first 30 mins to knock you out.

yep deffo, i ain’t got time to look behind me whilst descending!


ah gotcha. still, she’s got olympic medals in cycling, i am fairly sure she’ll be alright on whatever!

(i know it’s the equivalent of usain bolt running a marathon or something but regardless…)