Cycling Thread 2.0



Got a new bike and rode it and it’s good


Just need to learn to take nice bike pics mate


Find a good view, lose the bottles and saddle bag and lean the bike as upright as poss, with pedals at 12 and 6, or 9 and 3 and valves at the top or bottom of the wheel


Christ I miss that bike actually


Gonna need some info about the fork.


Carbon, like the rest of the bloody thing!!!


…may I see it?



:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


what groupset did you go for?


Dura Ace DI2




Nah, it’s a good looking bike

105 by the look of it


105 - Tiny, barely noticeable paint defect dropped it from £1200 to £850. Bonza


Is the saddle height right? Looks like a big drop to the bars


Felt fine, might be the angle of the photo, it’s less of a drop than I had on the triban, plus it’s more aero innit


Just wondering. Looks a bit severe tis all, but we all like different set ups. My drop is pretty large tbh.


non. pedals should be in line with either the seat tube or chainstays


In all fairness, I should know that, but I really don’t care (I have a white saddle in those photos)


I really could do with a black saddle actually