Cycling Thread 2.0



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does anyone cycle around London at night when its quieter?

full disclosure, since getting my bike a few months ago, I’ve found it difficult to fit in rides during the week - I get home from work quite late, and I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy cycling through London during peak traffic times as a leisure/fitness thing. I’m still quite a nervous cyclist in busy traffic after the series of accidents I had in 2012 and I don’t think anything will really change that. So basically, I’ve just been getting the overground up to Hoxton and doing laps of Victoria park on the weekends with the occasional ride out further into south-east London when I’ve got people to cycle with (feel safer for some reason?).

Anyway, I want to cycle more, and take it more seriously - does anyone ride at night when its quieter? Experiences doing so? Is it exactly the same?


Sunday mornings. Penge. Massive group of bike wankers is all you need.

You need to get out to the lanes. 45 minutes from SE London. No fun in the actual dark unless there’s a massive group of you, because there’s no street lights so you need a 600 lumens light (at least).

All cycling in London is shit because cycling in the countryside is so much better. Having to take corners and turns every few metres or whatever takes the speed and fun out of cycling. Get out into Kent or Surrey and find the roads with no cars and bask in the glory.


Yeah, country roads are far more enjoyable, but I want to build some fitness and cycle as much as a I can, so need something I can do in the evenings.

I might be cycling to Box Hill in a few weeks time - one of my ATDs got a road bike the same time as me, and he knows a load of people through his work that for some reason all got into cycling around the same time, so I’m in a whatsapp group of about 20 people that regularly organise rides and that, which I think could be fun.


Well in that case, cycling at night is fine as long as you have lights and know where you’re going. I don’t really find London that quiet unless it’s past about 11pm tbh.

The best way to build your everyday fitness would be to cycle to work. Southwark cyclists should do some kind of bike training for free if you’ve lost confidence. They used to do a “bike train” on Wednesdays where they chaperone ppl to Blackfriars bridge too.


Well I have three bikes now. This is so much nicer than the total dogshit SS I currently have.

THAT FRONT RACK :heart_eyes:


i like the colour :slight_smile:

what gear ratio is on it? is it a flip-flop hub?



Yep, 42/16 I think? Spinnier than my current one (46/18), think I prefer it tbh, though I only spun around a few back roads to get a feel. Will ride it home later and see how I feel.

Still haven’t tried fixed on the road but this feels like it’s a much better fit compared to the current commuter. She even threw in some SPDs with it! Might take it shopping later if I can find some bungees.


bit random but my poundstretcher had some in… if theres one near you.


I have a box somewhere (but yes, there’s a Poundstretcher 5 minutes from my flat).

This bike needs a name.








jan verhaas (because of the great rack)




@berrk are you carb loading ? I am using this as an excuse to eat as much pasta, potatoes and bacon sarnies as its physically possible this week :sweat_smile:


Oh yeah, I made the best mac’n’cheese of my life last night. Felt bad as the missus is doing a low-carb diet and she had to watch me eat it :smiley: