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Mostly though I am looking forward to consuming all the baguettes and cheese and red wine in the region for the whole of the next week after the ride!


All the old Ultegra Groupset going out of stock now on the Evans website. Said stock coming next week when I ordered. Got my order in just in time :relieved:


Niiice! And you don’t even have to buy a new saddle!


ik, r?

This is the 4th Charge Spoon in our house!



Obviously not according to @plasticmike (hi Mike)


pwhoar! :heart_eyes:



It’ll be like £2000 won’t it? :anguished:

Edit: £500! Woo!


Talk to me about budget summer base layers.

Always gone Castelli, but just want to pick up a couple for a holiday then leave them with my brother. Cheapish, cheerful and functional please. It’s only gonna get sweaty, so I don’t need Rapha ProEvo Carbonite Wickmaster 3000.

Asked this question on twitter and got recommended some long sleeve things for £70. No.

Like this, but not awful (unless you lot say they’re actually awesome):


i dunno but decathers or dhb is definitely going to be the answer isn’t it


I’ve got a craft one. Was ~£20. Really happy with it, not got any experience with premium ones but more than happy with it. Keeps me nice and dry and dries off really quickly itself, too.


I just got two from Aldi, £7.99 each (obvs I got the ladies ones but here you go):'-base-layer-top/p/076839157209400


(wore one on the Dun Run, was fine)

Quite like the look of those mesh ones you get from Morvelo / Rapha but they’re £££


So, so worth it though


Yeah, probably. I don’t mind slumming it when no one can see it :sweat_smile:

CRAFT! That’s it. That’s what my mate was in this morning. Sold. Where’d ya get it?

[quote=“plasticniki, post:4594, topic:202, full:true”]
I just got two from Aldi[/quote]

How are these for summer days?


Seemed fine (it was really warm when I left) - a bit confused about why it says “keep warm” or whatever on the blurb because it’s clearly for summer.

I have a couple of thin dhb ones and they’re also good.

You can get Craft stuff from Prendas usually.


Cheers Niknaks!





Love the blue/black one - sticking that in my basket. Expecting birthday gift vouchers :sweat_smile: :money_with_wings:


I saw it on both Wiggle and Prendas. Same price iirc. Went for the former hoping I’d get a free little bag of Haribo but I didn’t :slightly_frowning_face:


Aha, I’ll go Wiggle. If I look at Prendas I’ll order some funky looking socks that I’ll never wear.


and it must be in the big ring