Cycling Thread 2.0



just read this article and it seems really silly and almost suggests FGM is a normal response to this…

actual valid point: I really do hate going into cycle shops and would much prefer if they had more women staff tho


Fuck sake.

You’re right: I can’t remember the last time I went in a bike shop and there was a lady mechanic or even just general person working there. There’s a few women at Brixton cycles I think. Keep meaning to go to the London Bike Kitchen women and gender variant night but I never get round to it.


New commuter has a really upright riding position which is fucking great for commuting and bombing around the city, feel much more safe and aware of everything. Very odd how I didn’t feel unsafe before though.

Felt like a compute fucking idiot doing the commute as a full kit wanker though.


Not sure whether or not to take my bike back home to Colchester with me this weekend?


Do it (if you can take yr bike on the train and it won’t be a massive hassle). I wouldn’t dream of going back to the IoW and not taking the bike now.


Driving down, obviously



######Just wanted to type it. So satisfying.


Not even a question then is it


If anyone actually wants a Penge casquette or socks then please let me know.


#MASSIVE YES TO CASQUETTE! :money_mouth_face:


yeah fuck it, no hills in Essex though :frowning:


that’s fine though isn’t it, can either absolutely bomb it or do a really fucking long ride to make up for it


Pubs, though.




(Genuine serious yes to a Penge hat. When’s the next batch due? I’m in London 29/30 July)


We still have some leftover I believe!



That’s my excited noise.


I don’t own any casquettes at all so I’d be honoured for my first to be Penge.


i’ll take one!

do they make them to fit gigantic heads??


You wear it on top of your bonce, not down your bibshorts!!!