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i’ve got one of these and it’s good, but you need to stick like half a litre of fucking degreaser in it every time

shit’s expensive, yo


morgan blue 4 lyf

don’t need any of that scrubbing nonsense


My old, stolen beauty


Bw mechanics assemble!

Clicking noise, only when I’m up out of the saddle, on the downstroke of lh crank. One click per downstroke. Annoying. What is it? How is it fixed?


quite possibly just remove the pedals, clean, degrease, regrease and refit.

(i recently had an annoying click at 12 o’clock on my left crank and this did the trick for me)


unfortunately it’s your knees

leg will have to come off

could be like a million things. you kinda just have to take bits off & clean & grease them one after the other to find out what one it is


Turned out that my awful clicking noise (folk from Sheffield weekend will remember) was my saddle. Took it off, cleaned, greased rails. Done.


Probably a pedal clicking. But yeah, check your knees


It’s usually the last thing you expect. I was convinced I had a BB issue as I only seemed to notice it whilst out of the saddle and under load… Bike shop found out it was the Expander Bolt in the Stem.


hi I’m buying a bike and lots of them are saying they are 26"

is this not massive?

I’m 5’7" so could get away with a biggish bike with the saddle all the way down or a smallish bike with the saddle all the way up.


probably means they have 26" wheels


why would that matter? ugh some of the ads don’t even say how big the bike is ffs.


kinda tells you what type of bike it is

26" = mountain bike wheels (ie big tyres)
700c = road bike wheels (ie small narrow tyres)

as with everything to do with bikes it gets a bit more complicated than that, but that’s pretty general


if you’re buying second hand then some people don’t tell you in the advert and yeah it’s annoying. if it’s from a shop then they’ll probably have multiple sizes for each model


yeah it’s a mountain bike as it says and the photo shows. gonna just ask the guy if I’d be too wee.


really putting my excellent newly acquired German to good use here

Es ist groß oder klein? Danke!


Es ist nicht groß, ich habe es einfach gereinigt!!


The frame size is the important bit, depending on the manufacturer it will either be s,m,l or in cm Orin inches…

5ft 7 you’re probablylookinh for a Small, or 50-52cm , or 16-18 inches.

However one company’s small is another one’s large (bit like shoes) so always better to try and sit on it before you buy if poss!

Unlike shoes it’s better to get too small rather than too big though


Presumably you mean “Rufen Sie ein Taxi bitte sonst verpass’ ich meinen Flug”?