Cycling Thread 2.0



“peter, next time you cross the road, don’t bother looking”


Good luck for tomorrow @harru and @Berrrk you mad bastards.

(edited cos I thought it was today)


I’m currently at work :weary:

leaving for the ‘village’ in a bit, have a feeling parking might be a little chaotic…

also from people who are there already it is like 8 degrees at the moment, but will be 30 later when the sun heats up whattf do i wear :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Been here five bloody minutes:!Au3jzYye685dp1zW_-EpLcyaQtZm



There’s just one of us there, I believe.


Thanks. I’ve got a 2+ hour drive OVER the Izoard just to get to the bloody starting line so 4:30am alarm for us.
Drove half the route today. There are basically no flat bits. Bricking it!


good luck chief

also @harru

strava or it didn’t happen


If you are reading this @harru and @Berrrk, good luck chiefs. Hope you’re smashing it and look forward to a beer at the end!


That was brutal :joy:


Well that was a day of highs and lows, literally and mentally. We didn’t even get to the start of the Etape. We were driving in from the south at 6am, going to drive in the long way over the Izoard (as the organisers told us we could the day before) and the gendarmes stopped us. 25km from Briancon and only one road into town which was closed.

Ended up driving to Bourg D’Oisans and doing most of the Marmotte route instead. 4200m of climbing up the Glandon and then the Galibier. Best ride of my life just not the one we were expecting to do!


shitter. well at least you got a ride in!

4200m climbing… christ


Ok so:

Generally really well organised considering the scale of the thing
The route was incredible, not been to that part of the alps before and it was stunning :heart_eyes:
Saw a policeman punch a bus at 6am :smiley:
The course was great, a proper challenge but not impossible, weather was pretty much perfect
Mental TDF fans lining ghetto route already waiting for Thursday and cheering people on
Didn’t see any serious accidents or injuries beyond exhaustion
The village was pretty cool, like a cross between a mini glastonbury and a village fete for bike wankers :slightly_smiling_face:
So much bike porn

Coming soon…


Have you got a tissue handy?


Aah that sucks :disappointed_relieved:

I’ll literally never get used to french authority and their inconsistencies

If you’re around still both the vars and izoard are worth doing if you can!


Ghetto route wtf autocorrect?


OMG descending on closed roads is the literal dream.
Learned that I am definitely a grimpeur not a rouleur - finished 7000th in the gc overall out of ~11000, but 4000th in the timed climbing sections.




Bike porn possibly??

Also totally jealous of you.


You said you were coming soon.

Never mind.



there was an almighty cock up with my registration - got to the pick up point, handed in my id and bits, bloke goes off to look for my pack. comes back 5 mins later “it’s not here, go to Rapha”. wtf? ok. I go to the rapha stand. Nope, surprisingly, they don’t have it. Go back to registration stand, drag the bloke back to Rapha with me, they’re all like “it’s not here - he picked it up earlier”. I’m like wtf is going on, why have you Rapha CC pricks stolen my stuff? turns out Rapha CC have a member with a very similar name who has picked up my stuff. FFS. I hate Rapha cc so much.
they go away for a bit and come back with a spare pack for me, great! Except it’s number ~1000, my old number was ~11000, so means an hour earlier start. But my riding mate also has 11,000, so wtf do i do now? ask if i’m allowed to start late and wait for him, about 3 people say yes no probs. HOWEVER see @berrrk above, I don’t trust them not to change their minds at the last minute so decide to get up at 4am and make it for my new allocated start time just in case, and wait around if i’m allowed. turns out I am so spend another 2 hours freezing waiting around to start. all ended well though!

Also BAD
OMG a certain type of English cycling club wankers are the VERY WORST. absolute plums - barking out orders to the peloton in front of them from 100 metres away. indecipherable shite," 6 ON THE REAR IN LINE APPROACHING STARBOARD WE ARE ALL SUPREME BELLENDS" then getting annoyed when the peloton which has nowhere to move to AND doesn’t speak English don’t immediately obey their orders!! absolutely knob off you horrible horrible humans.

People who: throw gel wrappers on the floor are the 2ND WORST.

For non riders there was NOTHING to do for 12 hours whilst people were riding. Lots of TVs & kids left in a french town on a sunday when everything is shut (including the roads), they couldn’t even get out and spectate the course anywhere.

participation was something like 94% men (!!) it was probably the malest and whitest thing i’ve ever done. cycling in general needs to invest in diversity it seems. Maybe a separate women only event?


but enough about posting on, how was the etape?