Cycling Thread 2.0



Long shot but is anyone watching the national crit championships in Sheffield on Weds. @TontonZolaMoukoko is unavailable, no one else is getting back to me and I want to watch the bikes and do some pints



Col de Vars - oooof! I have a new found respect for this now, had sort of ignored it in the build up as a little cat 1 but woooooah it’s tough. Well played Mr mountain.

Col d’Izoard - my word - this took some casualties with it, people walking to the top from 14km out :tired_face:
last 2km were absolutely savage - i have no idea how the pros will race up that (yes drugs but still)

People collapsing left right and centre from col Vars onwards, at the last water stop I have never seen so many people dressed in lycra throwing up, was like a scene from a niche zombie movie :sweat_smile:

Lots of brits caught out by the heat.

I sprinted for the finish line but timed it wrong, chucked it in big ring and went for it with about 50metres to go but should have left it until 5 metres to go :grin:


I’ll be there with work. Want a VIP pass?


anyone off to the Red Hook Crit on Saturday in Greenwich? Went last year, was quite a fun afternoon / evening out, but full of fixie hispters, as you’d expect.


Wow yeah. Slide up in my dms?


Guys I went swimming today for a bit of a change and to try something different.

Don’t bother, won’t be doing that again. swimming is saaaaaaaad!!


Why is this in the cycling thread???

(This is now the Swimming thread)


I combine both.


Hired a Boris Bike for a bit yesterday for the first time in years. FUCK ME they are shit. I mean I know they’re fine for occasional use, but jfc they’re so frigging heavy and I felt so vulnerable in traffic. Also the highest gear was too low. ANYWAY.

In other news I am trying to locate a front basket / crate for the rack on my Plug.

Like this:


bungee cord a shopping basket to the rack…?


I need to find one first!


just tan one out of tesco


Look, I know I stole that glass for you, but this is another level I am not quite ready for.


get @plasticmike to do it


wiggle haul for today:

new spoke key
master link pliers
head band
2nd chain whip
some high5 tablets






Yeah, reckon @plasticmike is up for a spot of shoplifting


A dockless system has launched in Manchester. It could be good but the bikes are only made for people under six foot that want to go 12km/h or slower. Also, there are plenty of reports of people just storing them in their back gardens/houses but hopefully that’ll die down once those people get fined, that’s if they haven’t trashed the lock to get it in the first place.


Hasn’t that system already been shut down?