Cycling Thread 2.0



Mike and I did an almost identical video to this at the top of the Ode Kwaremont months ago. Clearly they thought it was fucking shit because they’ve never ever shown it :cry: :sweat: :disappointed_relieved: :sob:


Probably just a marketing vehicle for them/Assos to sell more kits to ‘club members’?

Could create local chapters where GCN clubs are formed using their overall brand, and ‘leaders’ are given free gear as an incentive for volunteering and organising rides - bit similar to Rapha CC I guess. Just an updated version of the music ‘street teams’ that were all the rage in the early 00s!


We used to jack up telephone manhole covers (heavy heavy things, do not trap a finger in on of them) and use that as a ramp.

Or tree roots made good kickers. Or the up part of a drop kerb.


Not having been on here for a couple of months, and it being too much effort to scroll back though this now massive thread, but there’s some talk of a Glasgow ride? I’m moving up to Glasgow at the end of the month. Depending on when/what it is, can potentially put some people if of any use (and join the ride, if invited!).


I believe we’re all set for a place to stay, it’s the bank holiday weekend, and I’m sure @plasticmike and @TontonZolaMoukoko will appreciate having someone on the front with them


Balls, I move up the Tuesday after the bank holiday! Assuming you me the one at the end of August? That’s me oot then. Next time!


yeah 25th-28th we’re up I think


I wasn’t sure if they just get loads of them submitted, but we got lucky I guess! Resubmit it!


There’s a section of the cycle lane along New Kent Road that has a decent size tree root heave on it - I make sure to get some air off that every morning on my commute into work. Probably going to lose a pannier one day…

Ha! Just street viewed it and you can actually see it :smiley:


longest wheelie contest
highest bunny hop


Totally get that, and they obviously already have a good market on the virtual side of their operation (zwift is incredibly popular with them and their users). But what they are proposing (so far at least, sketchy deets available) is a membership, not a cycling club


did you go for single sided, or double for balance?
if single, left or right?


Are we still talking about testicles or was that the other thread?


I have two, but only needed to use one, and I put it on the right hand side.

I didn’t really notice the imbalance, tbh - nothing was that heavy anyway.


If i’m only using one I always put it on the left. Although you don’t get that much imbalance, if you do it’s going to pull you away from traffic rather than into it.


asking from no experience of riding with one
did a tour fully loaded, front & rear, saddlebags, handlebar bags the lot

right’s probably best from a safety point of view - get drivers to give you more room


:joy: good clear message


I have a bright yellow and reflective bag. On the right hand side this works as a way of getting drivers to notice me.


yeah I noticed that after I’d posted
hadn’t considered that option…


Id agree with you tbh