Cycling Thread 2.0





Fellow cyclists / sock enthusiasts: can anyone recommend a European destination for a long weekend of cycling in September? Currently thinking of Nice but wondering if there’s a better alternative.

Looking for a cheap flight, some awesome mountains, and a nearby airport as we won’t have a car.


Majorca? Went last November and it was :100:

We’re off to Girona in October.


Annecy, fly into geneva.

Not the cheapest place but best time of year to do the alps I reckon


Or fly to Turin, stay in aosta would be a good option


I personally don’t know much about Pyrenees but I know theres easyjet airports and mountains…

Majorca would be good, I’ve been twice and would still go again.

Sardinia is on my list for a cycle holiday and there are big hills but v difficult without a car I reckon.


Freiburg would also be good, fly into Basel and explore the black forest.

Probably depends what % you want it to be a pure cycling trip vs a weekend break w/ bikes


Thanks for the tips… Done the Alps twice now so that’s why I’m looking for an alternative. Aosta looks too far from the airport. @plasticniki Majorca might be a good should!


If you go for majorca make sure to stay in Port pollensa rather than alcudia, the former is lovely, the latter is a bit magaluf…


Going to the pyrenees? Using argeles gazost as the base, in the valley in between the Hautacam and Solour/Aubisque and 7 miles up a valley road from the Tourmalet/Luz Ardiden. Stunning area, with the Gavarnie close by too. Loved it there.

Could fly into Toulouse or Pau and rent a car.


I’d be interested in cycling the Mosel valley. Something totally different and absolutely stunning.



need to get a DiS trip going there. pints in the white rose.


Could be my ‘stag do’!!




So. My Bolt came, and my bike is back from t’shop.

What’s the best way to attach the cadence sensor, has to be clipped to the shoe if I can, yeah? I don’t want to glue the fucking thing to my crank arm and zip ties are fugly.


Can you not just tie it to your shoelaces, or tuck it into your sock?


That’s what I’m gonna try.

Can I just say that it’s class how you manage the settings and everything on the Bolt through your phone.


Japes has it on the velcro bit of his shoe.

My Garmin one lives on the non-driveside crank of my road bike.


@TontonZolaMoukoko yeah I stuck mine on my shoe so I could swap it between bikes. works pretty well. just slip the plastic clip under the strap / laces then fit the sensor over them



Can’t wait to have a play around with it this weekend.