Cycling Thread 2.0



Insane. Not sure I could even drive that in 9 days without going totally bonkers.


My friends Jo and Gavin have scratched it seems

George is still going

The most extreme challenge I’ve done is a few measley 12 hour MTB solo races. Not sure riding for extreme distance like that is for me really



Was enjoying their Instagram feeds loads.


i noticed this week than an old friend of mine from school came second in 2013 and third in 2014. think he came second in a round the world race a few years back as well. absolutely insane.


FAO London bike twats, this is a v good organised ride which I will be participating in should anyone be interested:


i’ve entered the ballot to do ridelondon next year!


It’s the same date as Dunwich Dynamo…


oh cock, i didn’t notice that :frowning:


The long or short version?

I’m doing a half-marathon the week before, but should probably be recovered in time.

Aren’t Dulwich Paragon the club that Pengers dislike?






Long, obv.

And yeah, we do, but their sportive is excellent (I did it last year), the food at the end is great (should be even better this year in the Velodrome). Everyone is willing to forgive their shitness for one of the only decent London sportives.

Also I saw a couple of them out yesterday and they actually waved at us


Nearly fell off my bike.


tbh the chances of anyone getting into the ballot for Ride London are so slim these days that you probably don’t need to worry about it



otherwise i suppose i’ll just have to put in some endurance training and do ridelondon in the morning and get some sleep before the dynamo in the evening :roll_eyes:


or not, cos they’re the other way around. (not that i’d have been doing that anyway)


Cycle back from Dunwich straight into RL


only 540(ish) km all in. easy, right?


Especially with the new tarmac - they are designed for serious comfort and endurance :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You not read that LEL post upthread a bit? Sleep deprivation is a right of ultra distance cycling


ROFL sounds amazing, unfortunately it’s CX day for me. Next year maybe!