Cycling Thread 2.0



Made me chuckle


FFS I made the same joke like half hour earlier.


that’ll damage their brand surely? who’s gonna want to buy £200 asda arm warmers


Could be going after the Aldi market


Day 2 in France. 72 miles, Rosternen to Josselin (including 5 miles when I got lost). Weather beautiful, no wind.
Nearly all cycling alongside the canal de Nantes a Brest. Managed not to fall in, so far!


I’m proud of you for not falling in and very envious of your trip


At one point though it looked like they were anticipating me being there…


Good lord, looks absolutely top notch


It’s been about 90% traffic free paths so far. Mixture of gravel and asphalt.


FAO @profk:


Another heads up for Strava premium wankers. They’re now offering free emergency taxis home and device coverage in the event of it dying on a ride via a third part insurance company.

^it’s the Sundays Insurance you need to sign up for. I thought it was gonna be for US only, or that you’d have to sign up for actual insurance with them, but nope, totally free for Strava Premium members. Really good.


Have to be tracking a Strava activity at the time (using your device as a live Strava tracker). But yeah, nice perk.


DC Rainmaker has pointed this out in a predictably massive article about it:

(apparently Garmin / other device tracking is fine even though it’s not instantly tracking on Strava. Just indending to upload it may be enough)

Anyway, it took me 10 seconds to sign up.


Fair play. Does DC Rainmaker have a minimum word count of 100000 works on each article?


I reckon so.

In other news I just bought a heavily discounted one of these for my commuter:



Doesn’t look very aero…


don’t need to be aero on my commuter!!!


Doesn’t matter how aero you are when you can literally fly:


Ta! Not my bike tho.


where from please?