Cycling Thread 2.0



hope one of you doesn’t puncture :joy:


Colintrave ferry goes every 30 minutes according to their website.


depends where you puncture how much of a disaster it would be. one of the crossings is 5 mins, miss that and it’s nbd. but if you just miss one of the half hour crossings that would be a bit of a pisser.



(Penge back jersey pockets are bloody coming undone can u even believe!!!)


yes! Scotland!


he’s stitched you up like kippers here. imagine believing that’s a real place.


Japes are there any good dickhead hills we can go up now I have a bike made of carbon please


at least two hours so we’ll probably be shelving that


these are the worst ones


pffffft (obviously going to get so hungover that those make me barf anyway)


ooooh baby this is my time to shine!

(my kind of hills, these)


might go hill hunting on the sunday

i’ll obviously be hanging but @plasticmike will be after some KOMs won’t he

might just print him off a map and point him in the right direction tbf


yeah I’d be up for that, I’m sure @TontonZolaMoukoko would join too


He’ll be up at 5 for a 90km ride


He only goes on bike rides if he can register them with Audax UK these days


roundel or gtfo


I’m going to make him bring his roundel musette to Glasgow so you can all point and laugh.


can use it to steal more glasses


Sssh guys, you’re making us look like even bigger dickheads than we already are in front of the cool kids


I love how all the destinations are anagrams and you’ve introduced some mad cycling countdown scrabble game!

Bit like my RideLondon Snooker Game.